10 Best Instagram Username Checker

Instagram recently announced that its platform has more than 1.3 billion active users worldwide, and each has a unique username. Unfortunately, that means that every user on Instagram has their username, so if you’re looking for a particular one, you might have to use it Instagram Username Checker Tools to know if someone takes the one you’re thinking about or not!

Instagram username checkers are a free and easy to use tool to check Instagram username availability† It is easy to analyze the username by entering it in the box provided and clicking the check mark. It will inform you whether the Instagram username is unique or not.

So if you want to experience the same, read below to learn more about Instagram username Checker.

How to use Instagram username checker?

10 Best Instagram Username Checker |  Try Github & more

There are many ways to find unique Instagram usernames when creating a new account. The best method is to use an Instagram username checker. They help you find a unique username for your account.

  1. Look for an Instagram username checker.
  2. Enter your Instagram username in the box.
  3. Enter the captcha for verification.
  4. Click to send and wait for the result to know if it has been entered.
  5. See if the username is available or not.

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10 Best Instagram Username Checkers

When you search for a unique username you usually come across this message “Sorry, the username is not available† Here you will find tools to provide services to check for unique Instagram username. These tools are useful and help generate random usernames and select the best ones for your profile.

1. Instagram username check

10 Best Instagram Username Checkers

It is a good checker for your Instagram username. They have many suggestions for the user and give the result within seconds whether the username is unique or not.

Visit Instagram Username Checker

2. GitHub

The best Instagram username checker among the lot is Github. This tool shows all the details related to the username available in no time. When the query to the Instagram username checker comes in the form of code 404, we can assume that the Instagram username we selected is unique.

Visit GitHub username check

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3. Brand Name

Brandsnag is the easiest and fastest way to get your own Instagram Name Checker. The tool allows you to test your username for free. You can set up your Instagram account faster with an available username.

Visit Brandsnag Username Checker

4. Email verified

10 Best Instagram Username Checker |  Try Github & more

It is a tool used as an Instagram username checker. First you need to enter your username, consisting of 1 to 30 characters. And check your unique username within a minute.

Visit Email verified username checker

5. Tool name

It is a tool I would like to introduce to you as an Instagram username checker. It takes the username specified by the user and returns the result immediately and without delay.

Visit Name Tool Username Checker

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6. Namechk

Namechk is a website where you can check your desired username for free. Find your best username with Namechk. This tool is used by many to get usernames for their social media handles.

Visit Namechk Username Checker

7. Instant Username Search

Instant Username Search is faster than other tools and helps in checking your username. When you type the desired username, it will start to search for the availability status. It will show the level of the taken or available username in seconds.

Visit Instant username search

8. Knowing

10 Best Instagram Username Checkers

To check the availability of the desired username, Knowem is the best option. Another feature that sets Knowem apart from other username checking websites is that you can check usernames based on your preferred category.

Visit Knowem Username Checker

9. Startup Name Check

About 22 social media platforms and 36 domain extensions are available on Startup Name Check, where you can check the availability of the username you want. The best feature of this username checking website is that any new username you search for will remain visible on the screen.

Visit Startup Name Checker Username Checker

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10. Random

The randomer tool is helpful and will give you the username you are looking for in less than a minute. I personally checked it and would recommend others to use it.

Visit random Username Checker

How do you use a tool like Instagram username checker?

10 Best Instagram Username Checker |  Try Github & more
  1. Creating a username on GitHub is relatively easy and only requires a few simple steps.
  2. Run the un_generator.py file, which generates possible combinations with some special characters, and create it as a username.csv file.
  3. Enter name, phone number and email address.
  4. You can check the status of other usernames; replace the data in all CSV files with the usernames.

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How To Use Instagram Username Checker Without Any App

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Click Sign in with email address or phone number.
  3. Please provide your email or phone number.
  4. Enter the confirmation code sent to the email address or phone number.
  5. Enter your full name and choose a strong password and continue.
  6. Add your date of birth.
  7. Instagram suggests a username based on your email address.
  8. Enter username and it will show if username is available or not.

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I hope the information helps you choose a username that works best for you. We also discussed the apps that help as Instagram username checker. In addition, Instagram users can now select a username that is unique only to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get a unique username on Instagram?

Yes. We can get a unique username on Instagram.

Do we need checkers to get a unique username?

Yes. There are Instagram username checkers that help us get unique usernames.

Do we need apps to get Instagram usernames?

Yes. There are apps like GitHub that work as Instagram username checkers.

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