12 best Mastodon apps for you to choose from!

Are you still confused and can’t decide which app to use to access Mastodon’s social media platform on your device? Yes?! Don’t worry guys! Since I’m here with a list of the 12 best Mastodon apps to choose from only for my readers.

Choosing the best app for users depends on several aspects such as supported features, user experience, ease of operation, customization options, the look of the app, etc. I have prepared a list with these things in mind. But it’s entirely up to the user what they’re looking for in an app and what things they can’t compromise on. So you need to go through this list and decide for yourself which one is best for you.

So let’s have a very quick look at the list of the 12 best Mastodon apps that can be used to run Mastodon.

List of the best Mastodon apps

And here is the list of the 12 best Mastodon apps that can be used by Mastodon users to access the platform apart from the usual app they are using till now. So go through this list and pick the one you think will work best for you.

List of the best Mastodon apps

1. Mastodon (official)

So first on my list of best Mastodon apps is Mastodon’s official app. This app is created and developed by Mastodon GmbH, but this app also allows you to join other servers and not just Mastodon.social. This app is a good option if you don’t want to use a third party app to access Mastodon. This app is also an easy to understand and easy to use app with a chronological timeline.

2. Mastodon (PWA)

Second on my list of best Mastodon apps is the one I use to access Mastodon, Mastodon (PWA-Progressive Web App). You don’t actually need to download an app to use this. You can easily access it from Chrome. But if you want to get an app from this progressive web app, you can install it by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of Chrome when you first open it to verify your email and hit the install app option to click.

I like using this because it offers more features than a usual app. You get different tabs to access things like Home Timeline, Federated Timeline, Local Timeline, Direct Messages, Bookmarks, etc.

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3. Tusk

Tusky: Best Mastodon Apps

Third on the list is Tusky, one of the most popular Mastodon apps. This app has both official and progressive web apps but in a cleaner way without too cluttered features. And the best part is that this app is a free and open-source app created and maintained by a community of developers. And you can always choose to become a patron if you wish.

4. Twidere

Twidere: Best Mastodon Apps

Fourth on the list of best Mastodon apps is Twidere, the real savior in the current situation. Since most of you come on Mastodon as Twitter migrations and don’t want to lose contact with people who are not yet members of Mastodon. Building a community on the new platform takes time, so isn’t it great when an app gives you both Tweets and Toots in one place? Yes! it is possible using the Twidere app as it gives you a combination of both Mastodon and Twitter in the same app.

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5. Subway horn

Subway Tooter: Best Mastodon Apps

The fifth entry in the list of best mastodon apps is Subway Tooter. This app supports most of the features you need for a seamless Mastodon experience. While the user interface of this app is not the prettiest among all the other apps on this list, it supports multiple accounts in one app, including different settings. And the main feature of this app is that you can easily switch from one instance to another by simply swiping. And many customization options are available to display different results such as hashtags, blocked users, etc.

6. Toodon

Tootdon: Best Mastodon Apps

The sixth app on my list of best mastodon apps is Tootdon. This app has a different visual experience than the Mastodon website. You would definitely like it if you like variety. But this app has some bugs and issues that cause problems while using the app.

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7. Mastalab

Mastalab: Best Mastodon Apps

Seventh on the list of best Mastodon apps is Mastalab, and its standout feature is multi-account support. You can easily switch between multiple servers without a difficult process keeping in mind the peculiar nature of Mastodon’s different servers.


11t: Best Mastodon Apps

Eighth on the list is 11t app. This app is recommended for someone who wants a fairly simple interface with a nice user experience. And is especially recommended for those who don’t want to switch between accounts and only have one Mastodon account.

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9. Mast

Mast: best Mastodon apps

Ninth on the list of best Mastodon apps is Mast. This app outshines the competition with its look and the way it interacts with users. But the downside of this app is that it often crashes due to bug issues. It works well with Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone and iPad, but a bug problem hinders its accessibility.

10. Mercury

Mercury: best Mastodon apps

Tenth on the list of best Mastodon apps is the Mercury. This app is the most recent addition to Mastodon’s list of third-party apps. And is one of the most fantastic additions. This is the best choice for iPhone users. Similar to other apps I’ve reviewed, this app also comes with customization options to arrange timelines according to your taste.

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11. Phone

    Tootle: Best Mastodon Apps

Eleventh on the list is the Tootle app. This app is a multipurpose iPad app created for accessing Mastodon. Tootle offers a number of customization options such as a personalized user interface, options to customize your timeline, and options to save drafts as well.

12. Tucker

    Tusker: best Mastodon apps

Last on my list of best Mastodon apps is Tusker. This is a personally hosted resource. Tusker comes with relatively less customization options, but it is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious apps. The time the user logs into a third-party application, this app sends PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to the authorities the user is a member of. And all the information stored in the app, usually up to 30 days, is used to improve the app and user experience.

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This brings me to the end of this blog and I hope you now have a good idea of ​​all the potential apps that can be listed as the best Mastodon apps. And I think after going through this article, you have chosen the best one for you.

So that’s it for today. Be careful! And keep visiting our website, Path of Ex, for more such things related to social media, gaming and technology. Bye! Bye!

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