12 Snapchat Valentine’s Day Filters and Lenses

You could be in an LDR with your partner, or you might not even have one. Does this mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? Absolutely not! Grab your Snapchat because I’m about to boost your snap score. Try all Snapchat Valentine’s Day Filters and Lenses and send your best streaks on V-day.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love and Cupid doesn’t exactly bless your love life, you need to take matters into your own hands. I mean literally. While your love interest may be on the other side of the world, that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your feelings. Ask them for’be your valentineor just send them a nice gift.

Obviously, you’re not exactly going to be thrilled about spending Valentine’s Day alone, but you can do a million things to make it memorable. Send a gift, post a picture of the two of you together, and to top it off, all of these Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters will help keep them excited all day long.

How do you find Valentine’s Day filters on Snapchat?

Before I tell you about some great Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters, you should know how to find your own. The list immediately following will definitely help you, but just in case it doesn’t, here’s how to find Valentine’s Day filters on Snapchat-

Only after a little exploring in the Lens explorer you have tons of options for Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters to choose from. Here’s what to do-

  1. open up snapchat app.
  2. Click the Camera icon.
  3. Tap anywhere in the middle of the screen to open it Lens menu.
  4. Click the To discover magnifying lens icon.
  5. Scroll and discover different lenses.
  6. To save a particular lens, click it and tap the heart icon.
  7. If you don’t see a heart icon, click it “i” icon at the top of the filter screen.
  8. Tap the heart next to the lens name.
  9. Click “Done.”

Tip: You can also search for “Valentine’s Day” in the search bar and you can find many seasonal Snapchat Lenses from new creators.

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12 Best Snapchat Valentine’s Day Filters and Lenses

The wait is over. You don’t have to look for new filters for Valentine’s Day. Here are the best of the lot. You can try them all by clicking on the links. And if you really like these filters, comment below. Your reviews would be very helpful to our readers. So try all the Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters now!

1. Valentine’s Day by Under 25 CET

12 Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters and Lenses |  Find lenses now!

Get some cute little red hearts on your head with a light filter that evens out your skin. This filter is perfect for wishing you boo Happy Valentine’s Day.

Download Valentine’s Day Filter on Snapchat.

2. Valentine’s Day by ren

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

If you’re not a fan of big red hearts, try this filter from Ren on Snapchat. This is not only simple and sweet, but it also fits well with the Valentine’s mood.

Download Valentine’s Day Filter on Snapchat.

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Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

I bet you want to know who your Valentine is and if you’re single, then you might feel the need to try out this Snapchat Valentine’s Day filter. The best part about this filter is that it’s fun, so try it out now.

Get WHO’S MY VALENTINE filter on Snapchat.


Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

To spice things up a bit, here’s your new help filter to get you through V-day. Try to know who your next valentine is and share your stripes with me (wink wink).

Get the MY NEXT VALENTINE filter on Snapchat.

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5. Valentine’s Day by bangers & mash

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

This one on the Best Snapchat Valentine’s Day Filters list looks great on everyone, and I mean it. Whether you are a teenager or a girl, an early adult, a man or a woman, this filter will make you look great. So, try it and wish your loved one Valentine’s Day.

Get Valentine’s Day Filter on Snapchat.

6. Black Pink Heart by Sunny Bahadurpuria

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

For those of you who don’t really want to wish their friends on Snapchat a Happy Valentine’s Day, but somehow still in the “lovevibe, this filter is for you. The blank and pink hearts make your face bloom, which is why you should try this filter now.

Get Black Pink Heart filter on Snapchat.

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7. Macbook Hearts from UNDER 25 SJC

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

To be true, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, Macbook Hearts Filter is too cute to ignore. The little blur and the little pink blush hearts are all you need to stand out among your friends.

Get Macbook Hearts Filter on Snapchat.

8. Be My Valentine by Natalie S

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

There’s nothing cuter than pandas and baby eyes to get the “yes” out of someone. If you’re also waiting for their reply, send them a streak saying “Be my Valentineand let the picture play its charms.

Get Be my valentine filter on Snapchat.

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9. Be My Valentine by krølltoppen

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

Here’s another Be my Valentine Snapchat filter for your V-day. Do not worry! It has all the pink hearts you need to tell someone your feelings. Try it now.

Get Be my Valentine filter on Snapchat.

10. Who is my soul mate? by snapchat

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

Play a bit with the other Snapchatters in your friends and see who among them is your soul mate. Send a streak and wait for a reply. You never know how love season surprises you!

Download Who’s My Soulmate? filter on snapchat.

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11. Be My Valentine! By Snapchat

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

Ever since the Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters from “Be my Valentineare so popular Snapchat had to create their own. Try this filter made by Snapchat, and to be true, it’s really good.

Get Be My Valentine! filter on snapchat.

12. LOVE PINK RED by Sunny Bahadurpuria

Snapchat Valentine's Day Filters

Don’t go for the usual black stripe on Valentine’s Day. Instead, girls should definitely give this filter a try. It brings a red tint to the lips and hearts on their background.

Get LOVE PINK RED filter on Snapchat.

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Shut down

Filters can never be boring, especially on Valentine’s Day. You can see which Snapchat Valentine’s Day filters and lenses look good on you and which got the “Yes” out of interest. If you have any suggestions, comment under the Snapchat filters name below. I would definitely browse them.

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