4 ways to remove negativity from your feed

Twitter has become a bonfire that continues to burn lately. With all the latest changes taking place, the fire is getting stronger and stronger. But why is twitter so toxic? Even before Elon Musk took over the headquarters in San Francisco, California, the platform wasn’t the prettiest. There are countless reasons why Twitter is considered a negative platform.

Twitter is a free social platform. But it does follow the general guidelines for a social platform. Lately there have been a lot of rumors about privacy on Twitter. Many users are tweeting, can people see what you are looking for on Twitter? You can now simply subscribe to Twitter blue. This step was made to remove the meaning of the blue verification badge on Twitter. As Twitter transforms into a more free-speech platform, negativity may also increase.

There are many reasons why Twitter is labeled a toxic environment. Many people would agree. This may also be why so many people are leaving Twitter to join Mastodon. So, why is Twitter so toxic? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why is Twitter so toxic?

why is twitter so toxic

Twitter is a place best suited to express your opinion. It’s not meant to start a conversation. People just log in, say what they feel within 280 characters, and leave. So it can become toxic. Let me tell you all the reasons Twitter is so toxic.

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1. Restrictions on the number of characters

why is twitter so toxic

Twitter has a character limit. Every word and space is counted. If you have more than 280 characters, you will not be able to post your tweet on the social platform. This makes it difficult for users to say anything they want about many things. The tweet may seem poisonous and meaningless if you read the tweets without going through the entire thread. This gives way to more toxicity on Twitter. Let me tell you one more reason why Twitter is so toxic.

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2. Tweets with fake news and misinformation

why is twitter so toxic

Twitter is a free to use platform. This also means that anyone can use the social platform. News accounts are not really checked in time. While freedom of speech is an important feature of Twitter, it also leads to a toxic social platform. If you have an account on Twitter, you can tweet anything you want. Your account will not be deleted unless reported by users on Twitter. This makes it easy for hate groups to spread fake news and information. Without knowing the whole situation, the news or information can easily be taken out of context. Let’s look at the next reason why Twitter is so toxic.

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3. Unlimited opinions

why is twitter so toxic

Twitter has a character count. But it does not limit or limit hate speech or negative opinions. Since there is no restriction on the language you can use to express your opinion, people tend to go overboard. Twitter has become a place where people can express their opinions without thinking about the consequences. Most social platforms have a restriction on the language used. Even if you repeatedly use explicit language to express your opinion, Twitter is not banning its users. The accounts will not be deleted unless users report the account. This is one of the main reasons why Twitter is so toxic.

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4. Mass Bullying and Harassment

why is twitter so toxic

Hate speech against an individual usually draws a huge audience on Twitter. This could easily turn into mass bullying on the platform. Twitter has a history of becoming toxic as groups of people bully and harass users on the platform. This is another reason why Twitter is so toxic.

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How do you stay away from toxicity on Twitter?

Twitter can become toxic if you use the platform every day. This can affect your mind a lot. But you can use the platform in a way that is healthy for you. You can start by limiting your time on Twitter. Now that you know why Twitter is so toxic, here are some ways to eliminate hate speech or negativity on Twitter.

1. Unfollow accounts

why is twitter so toxic

If you notice that an account on Twitter is spreading toxicity, you can always unfollow the account. This is the easiest and fastest way to remove toxicity from at least your Twitter feed. This will help you see tweets only from the people and account you still follow.

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2. Mute offensive words or phrases

why is twitter so toxic

Twitter has made it easier than ever to filter your feed. If you find a word triggering or offensive, you can easily filter it. You can add the word, words or even an entire sentence to Mute. This will delete all tweets containing the word or phrase. This way you can avoid unfollowing accounts but still make your feed more positive.

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3. Mute accounts

why is twitter so toxic

You can also mute accounts on Twitter. If you can’t unfollow any Twitter account, you can choose to Mute Account. This will restrict all their tweets from your feed. You can mute accounts using your phone or PC. However, when you mute a user account, you remain a follower of the account. But if you are being bullied or harassed online, you can try the following way to protect your peace.

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4. Block account

why is twitter so toxic

This may be the last resort you can take. If you don’t want a Twitter account to contact you further, you can block the user. This is the best way to go if you encounter online harassment or bullying. If a Twitter account is bullying you through DMs, you can easily block the user. The person can no longer contact you on Twitter.

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Shut down

So now you know why Twitter is toxic. The social platform was not intended to spread negativity. But it is designed for unlimited use, which gives rise to unfiltered opinions and hate speech. You can avoid the toxic environment on Twitter by limiting the time you spend on the platform. You can also mute words or simply block the account. Follow us to know more. Keep scrolling through Path of EX!

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