6 Most Liked Instagram Roles

Instagram is the entertainment platform of choice these days; there’s no denying that. And since we have reels on Instagram, the platform feels complete. Celebrities or not, we love to groove to popular songs. But have you ever wondered what the most liked Instagram reel is? Well, mystery solved because we have the top 5 most liked Instagram reels for you here!

When it comes to Instagram, it’s best not to have high expectations to get too many likes, but the gram is unpredictable. Maybe you get a lot of likes in just 24 hours, and sometimes too few to be happy with. But as hard as the algorithm gets to please, some famous people have millions of followers. But which of them rules the Instagram rolls?

Let’s see which reel got the most likes and what it was all about. But keep following us till the end to know the rest of the top 5. Butterflies in the stomach? Wait a second! There is a lot! Lots to talk about. Read along to find out all about it.

Top 6 Most Liked Instagram Roles

Most Liked Instagram Roles

Instagram is such a great use of technology. If we don’t post anything, we have to scroll.

And why not?

It has everything. Stories, posts, IGTV and now the reels. These Instagram reels can make you cry or laugh and motivate you to do anything, and sometimes it makes you love things in a super fun way! That is why millions of people spend a lot of time watching their favorite celebrities or doing something profitable.

Among the tons of reels on Instagram are the ones that made up the top five most liked Instagram reels:

S. No. Video Loves Views
1. Messi with time 19 million & counting 127 million
2. Messi and the 2022 FIFA World Cup 16.6 million 126 million
3. Cristiano in his form 12.4 million 72.5 million
4. LOL! Guys, it’s Khaby again 12 million 118 million
5. 3 years Stormy 11.6 million 82.7 million
6. The summer is coming 10.5 million 137 million

1. Messi with time – 19 million

2. Messi and the 2022 FIFA World Cup – 16.6 million

3. Cristiano in his form – 12.4 million likes

Hey, it’s workout time! Do not disturb!

A world-class footballer and the highest paid athlete of today, none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, shared a video of his training session. The reel already has over 72 million views and 12.4 million likes, thus it is the second most liked reel on Instagram. Cristiano is also the second most followed person on Instagram. The footballer’s posts are often cited as one of Instagram’s most liked reels.

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4. Fun! Guys, it’s Khaby again – 12 million likes

Well well well!

It’s Khaby again!

Khaby went viral on the platform for his comedic silent roles and is currently the second most followed person on TikTok. All of his videos generally have a common theme of so-how-you-do. He’s a master at changing things up every once in a while.

His content is quite popular and goes viral in no time. His videos are quite recognizable to his audience. One of his most watched roles shows him unplugging the iron, but he returns repeatedly to make sure it’s off. It’s something everyone can relate to, which is why the reel has over 12 million likes, making it one of the most liked reels on Instagram.

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5. 3 years of Stormi: 11.6 million likes

Kylie Jenner may be the Instagram star, but the authentic charm on her Instagram handle is her 3-year-old daughter. Her Insta handle is full of pictures of them dancing, enjoying themselves and getting ready.

And why not?

most liked instagram reels

This mother-daughter duo does everything in style, and let people know! But this time, their style didn’t make the reel top the most liked Instagram reels. Instead, it’s Stormi’s innocence that takes everyone’s heart away.

From celebrities to everyday people, everyone loves to see kids being normal. And the same goes for this reel of 3-year compilations of Stormi’s life. On her third birthday, Kylie posted an adorable complication video of Stormi enjoying riding a scooter, having fun with water, playing with mom and killing with glasses.

All this made her small journey to get 11.6 million likes, 49k comments and 82.7 million views. Not only this, they hold the crown for the most liked post or video. They also own the most commented posts on Instagram.

Click here to watch the video.

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6. Summer is coming: 10.5 million likes

It’s a Khaby Lame reel.

You may not know his name, but you must have seen him quietly roasting people. He is known for correcting people without saying a word. He’s the new comic man in the house. To be more precise, the unknown Charlie Chaplin is on the spot.

His reel, which ranks second among the most loved Instagram reels, is Summer is coming! With summer approaching, everyone wants to turn on chill mode. What could be better than spending the day in the pool?

Oh! Unfortunately, a man does not know how to enjoy swimming in the pool. Thanks to Khabby. He’s a superhero. He is there to teach everyone the right way. It is the second most liked Instagram reel, with 10.5 million likes and 136 million views.

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To close

That’s the wrap for the Most Liked Instagram Reels.

Though the celebrities have many followers but get massive likes, it requires engaging content like Khaby. So what’s the wait? Grab your phone, pick a trending song for background music and get started with your own reel.

We also want to hear from you in the comment section about which one is your favorite among these by far most loved Instagram reels in 2022.

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