8 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps

The good news is that you don’t have to stalk anymore. As a social media attraction, Instagram offers all privacy to its users. Instagram brings private account settings for those who want a closed circle of followers. We’ve all stalked at least one person in our lives, so no judgments here. Here are some of the best online Instagram viewer apps.

Stalking is an art, if you know it. It would be best if you didn’t announce your presence by accidentally falling to like their photos. There are some great third-party tools available online to stalk private Instagram accounts, even if they block you. Private Instagram viewer apps are now available for iPhone and Android. Some applications offer complete anonymity without logging into an Instagram account to stalk.

Real private Instagram viewer apps are few – most of the online applications are fake. Also, only some private apps for Instagram viewer offer free trial. We have listed the best for you. Are you excited to know these Instagram viewer private apps? Let’s move on without boasting much. Discover the best private Instagram viewer apps from Path Of Ex.

Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Instagram logo;  Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Instagram allows you to manage the visibility of your account. You can have a private Instagram account with close friends and family, customize your stories to a limited number of people in your followers list, and even make your posts invisible in your chat box. Instagram is incredible!

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In a private Instagram account, only the people they choose can view their content and bits of information. But with private Instagram viewer apps, it is possible to access all images and videos without following them. Let’s dive into the applications,


POSTEGRO LOGO ;  private Instagram viewer apps

It is another private Instagram viewer app without survey. POSTEGRO will not change any settings in your phone to run. It is also not adamant to install other applications to run. POSTEGRO is a private Instagram viewer app without human verification. It does not require the installation of additional applications.

The POSTEGRO user interface is clean and no survey is required. A limited time is allocated to spend on a selected private account – after that you must pay. The application is designed for Android users. iPhone users can access through the web browser.

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Steps To Access:-

1. Install the POSTEGRO private Instagram viewer app or visit the website.

2. Log in to your “IG Account.”

3. Enter the . in ‘user name’ of the private account.

4. Tap ‘To confirm.’

2. InstaFree View

InstaFree View is the new kid in town. It’s pretty simple. You can enter the username in the search box and hit ‘Search Instagram posts’ – that’s all. You will see the latest Instagram posts from that account.

Instagram freeview;  private instagram viewer apps

If you’ve selected a post, you can also take a close look at the comments for that specific post. It’s a perfect way to stalk a non-private account without letting them know. It is a free tool and works better without human verification and research.

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3. InstaRipper

instar ripper;  private instagram viewer apps

InstaRipper is one of the private Instagram viewer apps that provide more features to the user. You are more likely to restore your old account or access other Instagram accounts.

After several failed login attempts, Instagram blocks that IP address. InstaRipper automatically spoofs IP addresses, making it easy to break into an account.

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4. Private Photo Viewer

private photo viewer;  Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Private Photo Viewer is one of the best private Instagram apps that will amaze you with frequently used features. To view the contents of a private Instagram account, all you need to do is enter the username and move on.

This private Instagram viewer app provides downloads and access to private profiles and stories without logging in.

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5. IGEExclusive

IGEExclusive;  private instagram viewer apps

IGExclusive is on the top list of private Instagram viewer apps. It is completely free and takes significantly less time to process. You can roam through any private Instagram account without logging into your Instagram account. No survey is applicable for this private Instagram viewer app.

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6. Image Rocket – Real Private Instagram Viewer

image rocket;  private instagram viewer apps

It is one of the real private Instagram viewer apps that work well on mobile and desktop. They claim the new Instagram web viewer, stalker and downloader.

You can access the accounts that have blocked you through Image Rocket. There are no limits on stalking accounts.

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7. MyStalk

mystery;  private instagram viewer apps

MyStalk is an excellent choice for a private Instagram viewer app that guarantees complete anonymity. The application is faster than all its competitors. Loading data is fast in this application. But every gift comes with price-annoying ads are the only drawback of it.

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8. Insta-Downloader.net

Insta downloader;  Private Instagram Viewer Apps

It is an online tool that works well on Android and iPhone. You can download private Instagram photos online. Copy the URL of the desired image and paste it into the web browser.

Shut down

The article has covered the best private Instagram viewer apps in 2022. Using these applications is just an alternative method that comes in handy. The real one will always ask permission to view a private Instagram by sending a follow request. You can also use other applications to fake your tracking numbers, making your account look more authentic.

All these private Instagram viewer apps show excellent performance, but we would like to know about your user experience. Which one was useful to you? Let us know in the comment after stalking. Until then, goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best app to view Instagram privately?

POSTEGRO, MyStalk and Insta downloader are some of the best apps to view private Instagram accounts. There are many more private Instagram viewer apps that are specific to stories and roles.

2. How can I see someone’s private Instagram account?

The best way is to ask them for permission by sending a friend request. You can use private Instagram viewer apps like Instalooker or SpyHuman to stalk them. You can also use fake follower generators to make your account look more authentic.

3. Is Viewing Private Instagram Accounts Illegal?

It is based on your intention. If you are just a stalker with 3rd party applications this may not be a big deal but still unethical. Impersonating someone else and committing fraud can be unethical and illegal. We recommend that you do DYOR with legal counsel.

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