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Instagram is designed to appeal to a person’s visual senses. But new Instagram algorithms have made its creators more challenging. Photos and videos alone won’t help you with more engagement. Captions have been introduced to roles and stories on Instagram. It clearly shows the importance of words. Let’s explore two methods on how to add captions to instagram stories.

Everyone applauds the introduction of closed captioning as it helps the hearing impaired to engage more on social media platforms. But besides that, we also have a common advantage here. Imagine checking Instagram stories during a boring lecture; you skip those video stories because you don’t want to get caught. Sometimes we like the ad or the video of a random person, but forget to take your headphones with you on a trip – You skip the story! The moral of the story is that adding captions to Instagram stories will help more people than the deaf and hard of hearing.

IGTV previously had the subtitle feature. Now Instagram has decided to extend the experience to other services such as roles and stories. You can use two methods to add captions to Instagram stories. Let’s see how to add captions to Instagram stories here.

Add captions to Instagram Stories

Adding captions will help you convey your content better. You can transcribe the audio manually in several steps or generate it automatically with third-party applications. Here’s how to add captions to Instagram stories.

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Manually add captions to Instagram Stories

It’s not a hectic job; all you need to do is follow these steps to turn your audio into a transcript in Instagram stories.

woman with mobile phone;  Add Captions to Instagram Stories

1. Open’ Instagram.’

2. Tap the icon in the top right corner.

3. Choose ‘Story’ from the drop-down menu.

Steps for Adding Captions to Instagram Stories

4. Choose your video from the ‘Gallery tab’ on the left side of the tab.

Steps for Adding Captions to Instagram Stories

5. Add features from the new window if desired.

6. Tap the ‘Sticker icon’ from the above options.

Steps for Adding Captions to Instagram Stories

7. Choose ‘Captions’ from the pop-up window.

Steps for Adding Captions to Instagram Stories

8. After generating the caption, tap ‘Finished.’

9. Tap’ Next one.’

Steps for Adding Captions to Instagram Stories

This is how you transcribe your stories on Instagram. You can also edit the font and color by tapping the transcript.

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Third-party applications to generate captions on Instagram stories

Since transcription is limited to English only, the feature is not available in non-English speaking countries. So, third-party applications are best for generating captions on Instagram stories if you don’t have access to built-in settings. There are several third-party applications to create captions, but you need to be extra careful when granting access to this application.

Some of the more recommended third-party applications to generate captions on Instagram stories.

  • Topics by Instagram
  • Clipomatic
  • CaptionMax

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Why are captions important in Instagram Stories?

Adding captions to Instagram stories will help us in many ways. When you’re in a crowd, watching an ad or video in stories without headphones can be embarrassing. Also, there is a good chance that you will be caught during the lecture if you are viewing Instagram stories. The captions make stories more accessible in any situation. Since it only lasts 24 hours, this update was a must.

The more empathetic aspect of adding captions to Instagram stories is that it helps hearing-impaired people be more active on the platform.

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Due to the huge response to caption generation on IGTV, Instagram enhances the experience by adding captions to roles and stories. Now you can transcribe your audio within Instagram. Currently, the supported language is only English and only available in English speaking countries. If you still can’t access this feature, you can use third-party applications to generate subtitles for your videos. We’ve covered everything you need to know about adding captions to Instagram stories.

We hope you had a good time. Let us know in the comments what you want us to cover next. Until then, Toodaloo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I put captions on my Instagram stories?

Select ‘Story’ opinion and upload/record your video. Click on ‘Captions’ from the sticker icon. Transcribe your video instantly.

2. Why can’t I add captions to Instagram Stories?

Currently, the feature is limited to English speaking countries. You can always rely on third-party applications to generate captions for your Instagram stories. You can also manually add captions to your video by typing.

3. What is the best subtitle generator for Instagram stories?

There are several applications for generating captions for Instagram stories. Clipomatic and Threads from Instagram are some of them.

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