Baby mom and baby daddy fight over McDonald’s

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that have a lot of trending stuff and news every day. You would find lots of latest social media updates and trending news on Twitter. Such a video was on Baby mommy and baby daddy fight over McDonald’s. This incident, as captured via video, went viral within hours of posting.

The video shows a man and a woman’s partner verbally spitting at each other. You can hear them swearing at each other and also yelling at each other. The fight took place in front of the house of the won. The woman is also told that her partner is irresponsible.

So you read the article to get more information about the fight. We have provided every detail and update on this particular issue.

Baby mom and baby daddy fight over McDonald’s

This is a battle between a woman and her partner. They co-parent a boy together. One day the man appears to be at the woman’s house with a meal from McDonald’s. The woman becomes furious after seeing those meals.

The reality is that the woman and said man have a baby together, but in addition, the woman has three other children from other partners. So if the man only gets one meal for his own biological son, the lady demands that he should have bought meals for her other children as well. This has divided all of social media.

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Between the man and the woman

Baby mom & baby daddy fight over McDonald's |  What's the drama?

Baby Mama & Baby Daddy’s Fight Over McDonald’s Meal has gone viral like a video. The man can be heard repeating that he only wants to help her biological son and not the woman. Therefore, he has only one meal for his son.

On the other hand, the woman constantly repeats that he should also think that his biological son also has brothers and sisters and that they should also get the same things as her. The man refuses to agree to this statement and the fight continues. Later you can also see how the woman takes the meal and throws it on the floor. After the video went viral, social media has been torn into two parts.

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The battle goes viral on Twitter and the crowd is divided

Baby mom & baby daddy fight over McDonald's |  What's the drama?

The battle has the Twitter Audience Divided Between Baby Mama And Baby Daddy Fighting Over McDonald’s Meal. Some people support the woman and some support the man. Some Twitter users even said the woman is making unnecessary demands on her partner regarding her other children. While some people even said that the woman has a justification for making her point.

Anyway, the video posted to Twitter only shows the husband and wife fighting and arguing about getting just one meal. The users only shared their own opinion on this. Apart from this, there is no other update on this issue.

Here are some of the tweets about the viral video

Shut down

The battle between the man and the woman who tore up Twitter has become quite popular and more viewers are sharing their thoughts. The baby boy who stays with the woman was not allowed to get out of the vehicle to meet his father or even eat. So if you’d like more updates on trending stuff on your favorite social media platforms, let us know in your comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight Over McDonald’s?

This is a fight between a man and a woman who feed their son too many McDonald’s meals.

Where Did Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight Over McDonald’s Take Place?

The video of the fight between a woman and a man over feeding their son a McDonald’s meal went viral on Twitter.

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