Best TikTok Trends for Fall to Go Viral!

Autumn is the beginning of all that is festive and cozy. And so are the TikTok trends for this year’s fall. The latest trends going viral this fall are all about being yourself. You will find some heartwarming trends along with fun and scary trends. Now let me tell you all about the best TikTok trends.

TikTok is an app with something trending and something viral. You can never really know how a video has gone viral on TikTok. One of the latest viral TikTok trends “One Thing About Me” blew up an old Nicki Minaj song. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Using the right sound on TikTok makes a huge difference. Then you can always use filters to look like celebrities.

So, what are the latest TikTok trends right now? Here’s the curated list of the best TikTok trends for fall.

Best TikTok Trend for Fall to Go Viral

These are some of the best TikTok trends to go viral. Fall trends aren’t just about the changing seasons, at least not on TikTok. Fall trends this year are all about expressing your personality. By combining your video montages with the right song, you can go viral. Try these top 5 TikTok trends now.

1. J’s Lullaby

J’s lullaby is one of the most heartwarming trends this fall. You can find the most video montages of wedding henanigans on this track. But it doesn’t have to be limited to that. You could make a video of all the things you adore and love. You can also make a collage video of your best friends and the times that you will never forget. You can use J’s lullaby to convey your story in the best possible way.

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2. I have bewitched you

This TikTok trend lets you show everyone your scariest Halloween decorations. Straight from your most extravagant porch decoration. Head to your DIYs for fun ways to make your home more festive. You can also show your scary tricks for trick or treating. “I Put a Spell on You” is a song from YouTube’s musical family, Working With Lemons.

For all brands that want to enchant their customers, this is the trend to go for. You can literally enchant them by showing off your festive products in the video. This latest TikTok trend is a Halloween staple. Have fun with it!

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4. Labor Day Weekend

TikTok Trends for Fall

So I know the Labor Day weekend is long gone. But the revelry has only just begun! As the season begins, you can use Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That.” Video ideas contain fragments of delicious food, cozy evenings and days off! Bonus points if you start shooting right when you leave college to go back to your hometown. Combine the first few lines of the song with your videos!

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5. Cool Kids (accelerated version)

This latest Tik Trend is here to stay. I think this is a TikTok Fall trend that reminds you how far you’ve come. This can be about growing up, going to college and living your best life. You can also make videos about this trend about how much you have grown and improved in your art or business.

So, as the song title says, you can add a few photos from your not-so-cool days and then cut your best life now! Make sure you sync the correct lyrics with your video montage. Can’t wait to see more of these transition videos.

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6. It’s corn

Best TikTok Trends for Fall to Go Viral!

This is by far one of the coolest trends. It all started with a boy who told us about his love for corn. This TikTok fall trend is all about showing off your favorites. It can be a work of art that you love or a best-selling product. You can also brag about your favorite things about fall. Or just all about fall, TBH. You can find the most hilarious videos being made right now in the “It’s Corn” audio clip on TikTok.

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So now you know the best TikTok trends for fall. These are my personal favorite TikTok trends right now. These videos show the great times you will have without making it too cheesy. These TikTok fall trends have the right amount of emo and bizarre vibes. We’ll keep posting more about all things fall! Keep visiting Path of EX!

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