Different names for private stories for Snapchat (updated October 2022)

We all understand how stories work on Snapchat. There are three different types of stories. First, there is a public story that anyone can see by going to the Snap Map area, the second is the normal stories, which are only visible to your friends on the platform. You can also create a private story and choose the audience of your choice, meaning you have control over who can view your story and who can’t. In this article I will tell you the latest news about Different Private Story Names for Snapchat.

I’ve put together a great list of private story names for Snapchat. Go through them one by one and pick a name you like.

Private Story Names for Snapchat

Thanks to Snapchat, you can decide to give your private story a fun, funny and funky name so that your friends can use that name to recognize your stories. Here is the list of different private story names for Snapchat.

Funny names for private stories For Snapchat

  1. The life and times of a quarantine
  2. Sims & Pimps
  3. The Meme Team
  4. Enter a cool name here
  5. Let’s pretend I said something funny…
  6. The anatomy of Different names for private stories for Snapchat (updated October 2022)
  7. POV: You are my therapist
  8. You can’t sit with us
  9. On Wednesday we wear pink
  10. A series of unfortunate events
  11. Santa’s Naughty List
  12. Backstage Babies
  13. Now that you’re here…
  14. Umm Chile so…
  15. On the street!
  16. Not @ me
  17. Self espresso
  18. beautify yourself
  19. My face at 50 angles
  20. People I tolerate…
  21. Among us
  22. Teens Inc.
  23. Take 2
  24. It’s a wrap
  25. the hot goss
  26. the 411
  27. Welcome to my channel
  28. Daily vlogs
  29. 50 shades of me
  30. 50 shades
  31. The friend zone
  32. Aloha beaches! ️
  33. Sim Nation
  34. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  35. Toodles noodles
  36. Can you believe you made it
  37. Homie Depot
  38. Bed, bath & moreDifferent names for private stories for Snapchat (updated October 2022)
  39. Shower thoughts
  40. Hot springs ️
  41. Boy/girl meets world
  42. 4 President
  43. Beef with the chef
  44. Cool name is loading…
  45. Fans only ️
  46. It izz what it izz
  47. god level
  48. Who invited you?
  49. Hello, Dunder Mifflin, this is
  50. Highway to Hell

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Creative Private Story Names For Snapchat

  1. Gal Acapella
  2. That’s true
  3. The Movie
  4. including
  5. All faxes, no printers
  6. OG squad
  7. The originals
  8. Tons of spilled tea
  9. The Snooze Cruise
  10. Postponement station
  11. Secret room
  12. The show
  13. The secret life of
  14. has a chance
  15. BrOGs
  16. Madhatter’s Tea Party
  17. In Wonderland
  18. Mukbang Gang
  19. mukgang
  20. gang gang gang gang
  21. Only fools
  22. Private show 💃
  23. Colorful crew
  24. melting pot
  25. The Hot Pots
  26. catch me if you can
  27. Can’t touch this
  28. Do not touch me
  29. Lo(v/s)ers
  30. Lovers/Losers
  31. The Late Night Show With
  32. Day out for the baby
  33. That’s so get it!
  34. She said what?
  35. The gladi(at) ears
  36. ‘s show
  37. ☀️ It’s always sunny in ☀️
  38. The horrifying adventures of
  39. The Big Gang Theory
  40. Clowns in the city
  41. Hands up, FBI!
  42. *WANTED* Attention
  43. Reasons why I’m single
  44. The army of
  45. Sir Dabs much
  46. All other children
  47. Groundhog Day

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Cute names for private stories For Snapchat

  1. Confessions of a Teen Drama Queen
  2. Gossip Girls
  3. Circle of trust
  4. Stay up to date
  5. Tea party all day long
  6. Theater club
  7. Singing Society
  8. private party
  9. Invite only 🎟️
  10. Dear Diary
  11. Diary of a simple child
  12. You made it!
  13. Numero Uno’s
  14. Ride or die
  15. hot girl summa
  16. the insiders
  17. The inside scoop
  18. My Gs
  19. All the cool kids
  20. Favorites
  21. oh snap
  22. Felt cute
  23. VIP passes ️
  24. Backstage Input
  25. & that’s the tea
  26. Literally my life
  27. Elites
  28. Upper East Side
  29. Non-aesthetic photo dump
  30. All night crew
  31. Vibes n Tribes
  32. Est.
  33. Approx.
  34. The real
  35. keep it real
  36. After hours with
  37. Behind the scenes
  38. bloopers
  39. Spam crew
  40. snap team
  41. We’re all in this together
  42. Frenemies
  43. Enemies for lovers
  44. Just for your eyes
  45. The Powerpuff Girls
  46. The A-List
  47. TV
  48. Channel
  49. getaway car
  50. The days of our lives
  51. Now is the time
  52. Thanks for stopping by
  53. all about the bass
  54. No highs
  55. Nerd nation
  56. How I met your mother
  57. scratching bucket
  58. Pinot Grigio girls

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Cool private story names For Snapchat

  1. Cool as a cucumber
  2. Just chilling
  3. Just another great day
  4. Let’s have some fun!
  5. Breaking the rules
  6. Feel like heaven
  7. Sunshine in my soul
  8. I’m just here to look cool
  9. Enjoy the moment
  10. Lovely moment
  11. The feeling of a party weekend
  12. Insert a cool name here
  13. For the real
  14. cool story bro
  15. i’m so cool
  16. Be cool buddy
  17. Smile because it happened
  18. I’m so basic
  19. Snapchat of the Year
  20. Laugh out loud
  21. It’s momo time

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Personal Christmas Story Names for Snapchat

  1. Merry Christmas
  2. Jingle Bells
  3. Santa Claus is coming to town
  4. love for snow
  5. Winter is coming
  6. snow cones
  7. Can’t wait for Christmas
  8. woohoo! It’s Christmas time
  9. Oh deer!
  10. The Christmas bells are ringing
  11. berry cake’
  12. Christmas
  13. Want to decorate the Christmas tree
  14. A season to remember
  15. Santa’s favorite
  16. holy snow
  17. Christmas songs on the way
  18. Gifts and presents
  19. Find me at the Mistletoe
  20. winterland

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Best Private Story Names for Snapchat

  1. Escape from reality
  2. Living the best life
  3. Create your own magic
  4. Every day is a struggle
  5. Monday Blues
  6. Everything happens with a reason
  7. Star in the making
  8. rest bro
  9. Life is Beautiful
  10. Circle of trust
  11. Start over
  12. chill pill
  13. Love actually
  14. My crazy Life
  15. I’m just the camera
  16. My day with the kids
  17. Out of your reach
  18. Hello my soul mate

Here are some best private story names for girls of all age groups. Make a note for future reference.

  1. Spill the tea
  2. XOXO Gossip Girl
  3. Get up and shine
  4. girly talk
  5. Star in the making
  6. Miss Crazy
  7. drama maker
  8. tea time
  9. My busy life
  10. Rules for girls
  11. Alice in Crazyland
  12. The girl with a tattoo
  13. Lipsticks and earrings
  14. Girl Code
  15. No boys allowed
  16. teenage fever
  17. Best friends
  18. Swag life

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Private Story Names for Boys on Snapchat

Guys love having some good private story names to get attention. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered with the following private names. Look.

  1. Homies for life
  2. Chilling with bro
  3. Peaceful life
  4. Gucci gang
  5. Hoodie clan
  6. Handsome
  7. Here comes the hero
  8. The jeans factory
  9. late night guys
  10. The one with the crazy friends
  11. 100% single and available
  12. Partying forever
  13. The boy who wears all black
  14. The silent type
  15. The coolest man ever
  16. No more bunking classes
  17. We are the boys
  18. Break the stupid rules

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Shut down

I understand it’s not easy to come up with a private story name on Snapchat. Everyone wants to choose something that reflects their personality. Read the whole article to know more about different Private Story Names for Snapchat and share it with other Snapchatters!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private story on Snapchat?

Private Story is a story where you can choose the audience of your choice, meaning you have control over who can view your story and who can’t.

What is the name of a private story on Snapchat?

You can choose to give your private story a fun, funny and funky name so that your friends can use that name to identify your stories.

Can Stories on Snapchat Be Public?

Yes, public stories on Snapchat can be viewed by anyone who enters the Snap Map area.

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