Disneyland’s Instagram hacked and Facebook spammed

Social media platforms are the best places to interact with someone. It is also used by business houses to promote their company and their products as they can reach thousands of viewers with one click. Entertainment parks like Disneyland also use their social media platforms to engage with their viewers. Lately, viewers found Disneyland’s Instagram Hacked, and with what!!

On Thursday, viewers noticed their Disneyland Instagram and Facebook platforms are being hacked. There was disturbing content on their social media handles. The concerned authorities have removed the contents and released a statement that they are investigating the matter.

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Why was Disneyland’s Instagram hacked?

Disneyland's Instagram hacked and Facebook spammed |  What is going on?

According to Walt Disney Co., their Instagram and Facebook profiles were hacked on Thursday. Both of their social media platforms were filled with malicious content leading to the news that the platforms were being hacked. Although the content was removed very quickly.

They have even released a statement that the disturbing content has been removed from their social media platforms and that they are investigating the matter.

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The posts on the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook were created by a hacker that contained racist content. He claimed to be a big hacker and wanted to get revenge, which is why Disneyland’s Instagram was hacked.

Shut down

News of Disneyland’s Instagram Hacked spread like wildfire. The authorities have taken all measures to save the park’s reputation. We have put together this article to give you all the necessary information about the news. If you want to get more news about your favorite social media platforms, stay on our website Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disneyland Instagram hacked?

This is the latest news on Disneyland’s Instagram profile that has been hacked with disturbing posts.

Have authorities taken action against Disneyland Instagram hacked?

Yes, Disneyland’s disturbing posts on Facebook and Instagram profiles have been removed and the investigation hacked.

When did the Disneyland Instagram Hacked take place?

Disneyland authorities became aware of the hacking at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning.

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