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AIM road messages were the pinnacle of the Internet in the 2000s. Now social media apps don’t seem like such a big deal. Let me tell you all about AIM away posts vs Instagram notes. The nostalgia of the AIM road messages may seem too much for us now, but it was a big hit in the 2000s.

But now Millennials are inundated with their memories, all thanks to Instagram Notes. Instagram Notes was first introduced in early 2022. Instagram Notes was released globally on the platform on December 13, 2022. Since the feature is now available globally, the internet seems to be able to break the similarity between Notes and Aim away posts.

While Notes may not be that new to Gen-Z, AIM road messages were a big deal. Here’s everything you need to know about AIM away posts vs Instagram notes.

AIM Away Posts vs. Instagram

direct messages away vs instagram

AIM road messages was first launched in 1997. The messaging service was relatively new in the world compared to Instagram Notes. In the 21st century, we all know how the internet works. But back in the 90’s the internet was a fairly new concept.

AIM away messages was the first taste of what we now know as tweets. Not just tweets, the kind that are passive-aggressive. Hints on an event from the past 1 week. AIM road messages were introduced as a means of communicating the user’s online status. But soon it became a phenomenon to say what you have in mind within 60 characters.

direct messages away vs instagram

And now we have Instagram Notes. Let me give you a comparison between AIM Away posts and Instagram notes. AIM Away Messages was the only way users could say what was on their mind on the Internet. Nowadays we have many options to do that such as Twitter, Snapchat and the latest one is Instagram Notes.

AIM away posts and Instagram notes both have a character limit of 60 characters. You can use emojis, words, numbers, Instagram notes and AIM road messages. However, the only difference between AIM away posts vs Instagram notes is that you can’t edit your notes after you post them. You can only delete the notes. Also, notes disappear after 24 hours of posting.

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So now you know the difference between AIM away posts vs Instagram notes. Both platforms are known for condensed character counts. While AIM road messages were released in 1997 when the world was new, the internet was new. But Instagram Notes comes as a revival of the popular and beloved AIM away posts. Follow the website to stay informed of the latest news. Keep scrolling through Path of EX!

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