Facebook Gaming app will stop from October

You heard the news, right? Facebook Gaming app will be shutting down from October 28th. But what is the real reason behind the Gaming App Shut Down? And is the news that the Facebook Gaming app is shutting down real or fake? You can find all the answers here in this blog.

So you may or may not have noticed that the banner on Facebook that the Gaming app will be shutting down soon. On October 28, 2022, Facebook will be discontinuing the Facebook Gaming app, just over two years after its debut. So why is the Facebook Gaming app suddenly closing? Is it because of its rival Twitch? Let’s find out below.

The social media giant Facebook launched the Facebook Gaming app in April 2020 to enter the gaming market. Facebook recently informed users that the official Facebook Gaming app is shutting down. Will this app not be available anywhere after October 28th? Follow this article to the end for more information below.

Is the Facebook gaming app really shutting down?

Facebook Gaming app will be shutting down from October |  Reasons behind closing

According to the news and the official Facebook banner update. Yes, the Facebook Gaming app will be officially shut down on October 28, 2022. Facebook has stated that its game streaming service will still be available on the web, even though its FB’s mobile gaming app will soon become unusable in iOS, Android, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Facebook has continuously invested in its gaming platform in recent years, signing partnerships with developers such as Disguided Toast and football player Neymar Jr. But why is Facebook suddenly moving away from the sports and gaming niche, and why the Facebook Gaming app is shutting down? Scroll down to find out.

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Why the Facebook gaming app is shutting down | 2 reasons behind the closure

The Meta-owned Facebook has not disclosed a reason for the mobile app’s termination. Facebook Gaming was first made available in 2018, but it took the company two years to create a mobile app. It did this in an effort to get into a gaming market that Twitch and YouTube have long controlled.

Facebook Gaming app will be shutting down from October |  Reasons behind closing

1. Denied Game Audience

While the COVID-19 pandemic gave the Facebook Gaming app a huge popularity boost, the number of users has steadily declined. Compared to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook’s Gaming service had the lowest number of watch hours. In the second quarter of 2022, Facebook Gaming had a market share of only 7.9% watched for hours, according to a market analysis released by StreamLabs earlier this month. Of 76.7% of all viewing hours, Twitch had the most market share, followed by YouTube Gaming Live.

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2. Changed FB Priorities

Another reason behind closing the Facebook Gaming app is that: Facebook is clearly targeting other areas like roles and ‘super’ a new live streaming platform feature for Facebook influencers.

Facebook Gaming app will be shutting down from October |  Reasons behind closing

So yes, the Facebook Gaming app is really shutting down from October 28, 2022. It could be because of rival twitch and YouTube or Facebook’s shift in priorities.

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So this was all the information you needed to know about this sudden shutdown of the Facebook Gaming app. We learned whether the Facebook Gaming app is actually shutting down or not. And we also looked at the reasons behind the Facebook Gaming App Shut Down. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that you are well informed on the subject. Stay on top of trending topics like this one with Path of EX.

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