Fix: Instagram app won’t load and won’t log in

Instagram users around the world reported technical issues on the Instagram platform. While it is common to face app glitches, Instagram’s sudden glitch forced the users to vent their frustration on Twitter. If you are facing the same issue, please see our updated article on: Instagram app won’t load and won’t log in on Android and iPhone devices.

Here I will tell you the reasons why Instagram is not working and whether Instagram has solved the problem or not. So read the fixes on Instagram app not loading and logged in. Let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below

How To Fix Instagram App Not Loading And Logging In

Right now Instagram is facing the problems and Twitter is flooded with that of the user reactions. Instagram is increasingly in the news, and yes, for all the wrong reasons. The app is not available and users are experiencing issues such as the app not loading, logging in again and entering a new password error. Not only the Instagram app is down, but WhatsApp and Facebook also face the same problem.

Therefore, users are shocked by these glitches and go to the Internet to solve their problems. Try these solutions now before Instagram fixes the problems.

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1. Clear Instagram App Cache

Fix: Instagram app won't load and won't log in |  Get the 8 solutions now

You need to clear the cache to fix the Instagram error. To do this, follow the given steps.

1. Go to you device settings.

2. In the app sectiontap Instagram app.

3. Click Clear cache.

4. Na clear the cachecheck if you have solved the problem.

2. Update Instagram App

Fix: Instagram app won't load and won't log in |  Get the 8 solutions now

If you find that your Instagram app is still not working. You may not have updated your app in a long time. Just open the Play Store or App Store and update your Instagram app.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App

Sometimes the problem is on your side; fix Instagram app not working by uninstalling app and reinstalling Instagram app. After reinstalling, check if this resolves the issue.

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4. Install an older version of Instagram

Install an older version of Instagram to fix the temporary Instagram app not working. This would help you to run smoothly as the new app may have some glitches and prevent you from uploading photos or messages.

5. Check the internet connection

When you experience issues like Instagram down, you should always check your internet connection. A slow internet connection can also lead to such issues. You can try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data and check which one works best for you.

6. Restart the device

You can restart the device you use Instagram on. Sometimes a glitch in the device can prevent the app from running smoothly. So restart the device or mobile you are using the app on and I am sure the problem will be solved.

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7. Wait for the problem to be solved

Sometimes the issues you face in the app are not just faced by you but happen worldwide. In such cases, you can rest assured that the technical team on Instagram will get to work on it. And that’s why it takes a few hours to fix the problem.

8. Contact the support team

If the above solutions don’t work, you can get help from the support team. You can contact them and explain your problem. They will contact you with an answer or resolve your issue. They need some time but would work on the problem.

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Shut down

You can refer to our article if you encounter any issues such as Instagram app not loading and logging in. My article would be helpful and all your problems would be solved in no time. Use any of the tricks mentioned above and I’m sure the problem will be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram Down?

Instagram down is a malfunction of the platform’s server and many users are facing the problem worldwide.

How long will it take for Instagram down to be fixed?

It would take a while for the problem to be resolved. While there is no official statement from Instagram regarding this app, they are definitely working on this issue.

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