Here are TikTok Finance Queen’s Secret Tips to Save $100K

Financial equality is an important aspect of gender equality; one cannot exist without the other. While many people just sit and talk about making a difference in this world, a 25-year-old woman saved herself $100,000 and is rightly called TikTok Finance Queen† In an interview, she shared some secret tips and I think everyone, whether men or women, should know about them.

The real name of TikTok Finance Queen is Tori Dunlap and she is a 25 year old American Investor. However, she does not attribute her money ($100k to be exact) to investing. Tori Dunlap strongly recommends saving money regularly and has officially *spilled the beans

So are you ready to learn TikTok Finance Queen’s secret money-saving tips? Well, I’m definitely excited to learn more about finance, so here we go!

Secret Tips from TikTok Finance Queen

Since I’m not a fan of chit chat, I’ll jump straight to the tips. The points below are taken from the interview she gave to Today. While many people are interested in useless TikTok trends, I hope some of them are interested in financial stability and learning something.

1. Be honest with yourself about money

If you live in denial and don’t pay proper attention to your money problems, you’ll just drag yourself back into the groove. Instead of ignoring the flow of credit, accept your circumstances. TikTok Finance Queen suggests that you earn well, be honest with yourself about it. However, if you don’t earn up to your expenses, be honest about that too.

Stop living in denial and deal with your problems straight.

2. Automate savings every month

TikTok Finance Queen Tori Dunlap says you should automate a certain amount of your paycheck to your savings. It doesn’t matter if you automate $50 or $20, something is better than nothing. This is important not only because of “save money“, but also from the POV of an emergency.

Tori Dunlap says that if you give Netflix an amount every month, you should give yourself the same amount. Many other financial advisors have suggested saving on yourself and spending nothing. However, our TikTok Finance Queen disagrees.

Dunlap thinks that if you’re trying to save money for something you really want to spend it on, it’s not worth it. The goal is to give yourself the exact money you give to Netflix, if not more.

3. Invest (*Smart) as fast as you can

TikTok Finance Queen aka Tori Dunlap shared that she started investing as soon as possible. She says it was her privilege that started her journey. Her parents donated her tuition, so when she held three different jobs during college, it went into her savings.

One more important thing to discuss here is that when it comes to investing, there is a lot to learn and a lot at stake. You never want to invest your precious money without thorough research.

Interview with TikTok Finance Queen

Secrets and all is fine but what are the exact things she spilled in the interview. Well, here they are-

  • “We call it the ostrich effect, people bury their heads in the sand and pretend their problems don’t exist. So being honest with your money is the first step.”
  • “The second step is just being very empathetic and being really gracious to yourself. You are not going to know everything about money. You didn’t come out of the womb and didn’t know everything about saving or investing. So in times of crisis it is very important that you give yourself that grace and then put everything you can aside.”
  • If you give Netflix more money than you give yourself each month… you earn at least as much, I’d say, more than Netflix makes of that money.
  • “You have to be able to afford things you want while saving. It’s like a diet. If you tell me I can’t have fried chicken, I only want to eat fried chicken. So if you tell someone they can’t spend money, it’s not sustainable.”

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I hope this article really helped you gain insight into TikTok Finance Queen’s interview with Today. If it helped you, make sure to comment below and share this article with your friends and relatives. After all, we grow by helping others, right?

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