How do you find your favorite videos on TikTok? [Updated 2022]

You just opened TikTok and started scrolling through the endless amounts of videos people upload every day. When you find one you like, tap the heart button to save it as one of your favorites so you can easily return to it later. If you want to see all your saved videos in your “likes” category or if you want to see other stuff, here are some handy tricks to find your favorite videos on TikTok!

It is made by the same company that made Douyin, ByteDanc. TikTok is a short form video sharing social networking platform that was first made available to the general public in September 2017. It is used to create videos in genres such as dance, humor and education. On November 9, 2017, ByteDance paid up to $1 billion USD to buy Shanghai-based social media startup On August 2, 2018, they combined it with a previous acquisition, Flipagram, to form TikTok while retaining the TikTok trademark.

Read this article to know how to find your favorite videos on TikTok. I have put together a short guide for you.

How do you find your favorite videos on TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform that allows you to create and share short videos with other users. Moreover, it is one of the best platforms for watching short videos from others.

As you scroll down, sometimes you like a video to watch it another time. It could also be that you accidentally liked a video, and while you try to dislike it, the feed is completely refreshed. Or you need to watch liked videos on TikTok for some other reason, but you don’t know.

Here is the process, follow the steps and learn how to find your favorite videos on TikTok:

Step 1: launch the TikTok app on your smartphone or TikTok website on your computer.

Find your favorite videos on TikTok

Step 2: In the bottom right corner, tap Profile.

Step 3: There are four tabs available on the profile page just below the Edit profile choice.

Step 4: Tap the heart iconthe fourth from the left.

Find your favorite videos on TikTok

Step 5: All your liked videos are here. Tap the video you want to watch, or you want to remove your “Like” from it.

Done; you learned how to find liked videos on TikTok. If you don’t like a liked video, read on.

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How to dislike a liked video on TikTok?

You can always cancel liking a video if you accidentally or unintentionally like something, or if you decide halfway through the interaction you’d rather undo the “Like” you initially created.

How to find your favorite videos on TikTok

If you’re still in the video, tap the Heart icon again. It will remove your “likes” from it. But once the feed has refreshed, search for the video in the search box on the main page. Exactly the creator’s name and scroll through their videos on their profile. Once you have discovered the video, open it and tap the red heart icon. Once it turns gray, it means you don’t like it.

However, if you do not remember the name or you have liked such videos several times. Follow these steps — Click the Profile icon > Press the Heart icon at the top right of your feed > click the video or videos one by one — and press the Filled Heart icon to undo the “Like”.

To avoid accidentally liking videos, stop double-tapping a video and consider scrolling a space beyond the videos’ side options. But if it is liked by chance, now you know how to like videos on TikTok.

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Impact of liked videos

TikTok will play random short clips for you at first, but as you develop your own taste, the program will recommend content you’re likely to enjoy. TikTok learns more about the kinds of videos you enjoy watching, the more time you spend using the app, and the more videos you like. In addition, you can use the search function to directly search for information that appeals to you.

How to find your favorite videos on TikTok

The standard search terms, such as author names, concepts and song titles, can also be used to find search terms. While the algorithm is often accurate, you may occasionally come across movies that have absolutely nothing to do with your search term. A bit of the fun is there.

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Liked videos are fun to watch. It’s more fun when you want to watch all your favorite videos. Hope you now know how to find your favorite videos on TikTok. If yes, then share this easy guide with your friends and let them know how to watch videos you like.

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