How long do short people live TikTok Trend

Do you have a short boyfriend or better half? Hug them shut; you will soon miss them. Do not panic! I didn’t say it; TikTok did it. You know all the bizarre TikTok trends are popping up every day. How long do short people live TikTok trend is the new one. Here’s everything you need to know!

TikTok says this is the meme you never knew you wanted. There will be a short friend for every tall friend, they say. In that case, you can imagine how many TikTok videos have been made about this trend. How long a short person lives is certainly a silly question. We cannot puzzle over longevity. However, this is a funny addition to the never-ending TikTok trends of this decade.

You’ll be shocked to know how long short people live because it’s a never raised question, and that’s exactly what makes it hilarious. TikTok now jokingly takes notes for goodbyes. Following a trend is the best way to boost your TikTok. You’re here to know what this trend is, so here it is!

How Long Do Short People Live TikTok Trend- The Origin!

how long do short people live TikTok joke

The trend starts with sending your short friend a screenshot from Google that answers how long short people live. According to Google, short people only live 10-13 years or 10-12 years! Yeah…I know it’s stupid, but let’s see how it became a meme and trend on TikTok.

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It all started when a TikToker accidentally googled it and thought to share it with his short friend. The trend is a screen shot of two people. It starts with a Google screenshot about the lifespan of short people. People also send a message with it: ‘I will always miss you’. The answer makes the video hysterical. Some think it’s okay, while some just exploded in chat boxes.

How ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ Is Taking Over Trend?

Shortly after the trend of people’s short life, people have made many changes to the video. The most popular in this series was the ‘I will never forget you’ tendency. Here you send a message with the text, ‘I will never forget you,’ and they will react to it like what happened. Crazy TikTokers puts the track ‘Never forget you by Zara Larsson and made it look like a real goodbye vibe!

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Viral TikTok Trends for Short People

Short people have always been the bait. There are many hashtags for short people on TikTok, such as #short people check, #shortpeopleproblems and #short relationship challenges. Here are some of the hilarious short viral TikTok trends for people.

Short Girl Check TikTok Trends

Here you see short girls talking flawlessly about their height in real situations.

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Short People Problems TikTok Trends

Here’s a compilation of little people’s everyday problems you’ve never thought of. It is so funny!

Short Relationship Challenges TikTok Trends

Here’s a video that’s for couples only because I don’t want to break your heart when you’re small and single. There are cute couple videos where one person is tall and the other is short.

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Shut down

Being short isn’t funny, but if TikTok gives you a trend, all you need to do is jump on it. How long do short people live? The TikTok trend was mean. According to Google, short people only live 10 to 13 years on average. People are sending this Google screenshot and a message saying “I will never forget you” is the trend. Now you know what the trend is. Join the trend with your short friend and share this article with friends.


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1. What are the hottest trends on TikTok?

The best TikTok trends to try right now are Duet Challenge, Flexibility Challenge, which is what I mean when I say I’m from and what I was thinking about.

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3. What does ‘viral’ mean on TikTok?

Viral means that a photo or video is seen and shared by many people worldwide.

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