How the TikTok Algorithm Works

The world had underestimated the growth of TikTok. No one in dreams would have thought that a video sharing platform of 60 seconds or less would be so successful. When users increase, the platform will have more updates that please everyone. For that, as the audience grows, TikTok must maintain the standard of delivery. With the periodically updated TikTok algorithm, TikTok won everyone’s interest. Let’s give a taste how the TikTok algorithm works.

TikTok has made its way into Gen-Z smoother than yogurt! We all know how much time we spend on YouTube. Would you believe that TikTok surpassed YouTube in watch time in 2021? Yes. TikTok averaged 24.5 hours in a month by a user. With the establishment of the TikTok business, more people are switching to TikTok. TikTok never fails its believers. They kept updating TikTok algorithms and presented one of the safest social media communities for users.

Have you wondered how TikTok keeps all these people with different emotions and reactions? It’s their algorithm! Understanding the algorithm will also help creators like you engage with your audience better. Let’s see how the TikTok algorithm works.

What is the TikTok Algorithm?

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It is a computer based program to better assess your interest in the platform. If you recently joined fashion design and started watching more videos about it, TikTok will recommend more to you. But it won’t keep happening. When you find something else interesting, TikTok starts spamming you with it.

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Basically, the TikTok algorithm determines what you want to see on TikTok. To you, the page on TikTok is a work of art of the TikTok algorithm. It narrows down every click and view and lists niches and creators you might like.

How the TikTok algorithm works with different factors on TikTok

There are several myths about the TikTok algorithm. Not all factors affect the TikTok algorithm. Let’s see which factors are crucial and which ones make little sense.

Factors Affecting the TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is not magically modified for every login. It assesses various bits of information about a user and finally shapes it into a most likeable form. These are the factors that influence TikTok algorithms,

1. User Activity

TikTok monitors you every time you are on the platform. It notes the account you followed, accounts you chose to hide, ‘Not interested’ contents, ‘inappropriate’ faucets, ‘Added to Favorites’ videos, interacting with ads, and the content you’ve created. Your liked, shared and re-watched videos are also taken into account.

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2. Video Information

If you’re a content creator, TikTok looks at your captions, hashtags you use, sounds you like to add, effects you usually use, your niche, and the quality of the content. TikTok takes into account your niche of video and checks whether your video has the potential to undergo trending.

3. Account Settings

TikTok has access to your location, language preference and device type. It helps the algorithm to spam the most suitable video for us.

Factors That Don’t Affect the TikTok Algorithm

There is a common myth about the TikTok algorithm favoring those with more followers. It’s just a marketing tactic of the apps that provide followers. TikTok never searches for the people who follow you. It follows the content you have created.

There is another misconception that if you go viral with one video, TikTok will promote your content from there. What happens is people viewing your profile increase when you go viral, that’s all. These people will automatically leave you behind when another Khaby Lame arrives.

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How the TikTok algorithm works with your interests

The TikTok algorithm has “almost the same common sense” as humans. Aside from the factors it has collected from you, TikTok limits some other content on its own as well. TikTok will never show you duplicate content. It ensures that you never see the same content in a row again. Tik Tok also restricts content that violates the guidelines. You also can’t see the content of a shadow-banned creator

How the TikTok Algorithms Work | Fact checks!

Whether you are a content creator or an established brand, it is always better to know the TikTok algorithm. Let’s put some dots on the projector for you. You don’t want to miss these things if you’re curious about how the TikTok algorithm works.

1. Pin them on the first second!

Not everyone will watch your videos by searching your account. So for those people who don’t know you yet, you should do a clickbait for the first few seconds. Make them stop scrolling. That is it.

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2. Try ‘Pro Mode’ on TikTok

Switch to pro mode on TikTok. It will help you better analyze your audience with TikTok analytics.

3. Stick to a Niche

Always follow a niche and create content based on that for better recognition.

4. Use subcultures

Let your audience know specifically who you are. You can add this in your TikTok bio or as hashtags in the caption. #Gen-Z, #Boomers, #Millennials, #MomsofTikTok are some of the most commonly found subcultures on TikTok.

5. Trending Tik Tok Audio

Always try to use trending TikTok audio for content creation. It provides more organic reach.

6. Try Beta Mode

Request TikTok beta testing and better understand upcoming features on the platform.

7. Keep a quality

Never produce low-quality compressed content as there’s a good chance they’ll leave a race of fame behind.

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8. Keep your old videos and account

Your old videos in a particular niche can go viral after three years. You don’t have to take a chance. Keep it here.

9. Use catchy captions and relevant hashtags

Make your captions unique as it is the welcome drink for your content. Use real hashtags with different capabilities than some shadowbanned hashtags. If your content is posted under a hashtag pending review by TikTok, your post will most likely remain in limbo.

10. Don’t Bore Them!

Keep your content clean and short. Nobody likes elaborate boring content.

11. Meet other creators

Have a relationship with other creators of your niche as it will help you connect with their followers.

12. Plan your content creation

Know your audience using TikTok analytics. Post your videos when there’s maximum engagement on your account.

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TikTok is now more than a video sharing platform. As a brand, if you plan to include TikTok in your marketing strategy, it is necessary to learn how the TikTok algorithm works. Learning the basics of the TikTok algorithm will also benefit the content creators on this social media platform. Have you looked at seven easy steps to make money on TikTok? It can help you achieve what you want as a creator on TikTok.

We’ve covered all about how the TikTok algorithm works in 2022. Share it with your TikTok community if you find it helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1† How long will TikTok stay on FYP?

TikTok recommendations for FYP are valid for up to 3 months.

2. Does re-watching a TikTok count as a view?

Yes. Viewing content again is counted as a new view. But viewing your content will not have this luxury.

3. When is the best time to post on TikTok?

Tuesday 9am, Thursday 12pm and Friday 5am more engagement on TikTok. Even though it can differ per makers if the audience changes.

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