How to blow up on TikTok? Get Viral on TikTok Now (2022)

We all spend so much time trending TikTok videos, but what if our content isn’t worth watching and isn’t paid per view? Well, in this article you will learn what blow means on TikTok and How to blow up on TikTok using some simple methods. Continue on to learn how to easily improve your game on TikTok.

There are so many apps like TikTok, but can any app surpass the thrill and fun of TikTok? No, not in this life at least. No matter how many duplicates are made, nothing can ever replace TikTok’s originality. And that’s why it’s extremely important to appear on the “for you” page on TikTok.

Read this article and learn how to blow up on TikTok and what are hashtags to blow up on TikTok. There are so many tactics and tools, supported by TikTok, that are quite useful for easily scaling your opinion on TikTok and you should try them RN!

How to blow up on TikTok?

Any video that succeeds significantly on TikTok must have been posted with the right marketing tactics, trending audio, correct hashtags and perfect strategy.

Here are even more ways to blow up on TikTok and appear on the ‘for you’ page on TikTok:

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1. Continue the trend

How to blow up on TikTok in 2022?  Get viral today

Keeping up with the trend is extremely important for TikTok creators to be the least among the scrolling TikTok creators. Use trending audio, hashtags, video drafts, and filters to be in sync with your audience’s mindset.

You can also play around with your trending usernames if you’re dealing with business products and services specifically for a particular occasion.

2. Right hashtags

The right hashtags to blow up on TikTok are considered the most important if you are looking for ways to make your video the most viral video on TikTok.

Hashtags are one of the most important marketing tools and tactics that take your viral game to the next level and broaden your audience to the people who haven’t even been added to your TikTok profile.

Some of the best hashtags to blow up on TikTok are:

#mtvwildnout #jaliyahma #d1xjump #essencemarie #badkiddejah #onedancechallenge #muahxrxl #laiibirthdaycountdown #badkid #d1xdonut #explore #explorepage #viral #blowup #badkidmirah #badkidmacei #badkidkam #badkiddejah #likeforlikes #comment4comment #share #followforfollowback #badkids #funnyandjalinymike #badkidlondyn #babyzaddylaii #instagram #lesbianstuds #instagramdancers #dance #dancers #gain #gainfollowers #followme #viewɪɴᴛᴇʀɪᴏʀ #view #jaliyahmai ll #followbacku #likesforlikes #dancexplorepagee #gains #gaintrick #fights #freemoneyspeaking #gaintrickmood #followbackɢᴏᴏᴅᴀғᴛᴇʀɴᴏᴏɴ #jaliyahmacomment # jaliahmayou

3. Get off to a great start with your TikTok videos

One of the most important tips for blowing up on TikTok is to make the most of the first 3 seconds of your video. If your start of the video isn’t catchy enough to grab the audience’s attention, the chances of them sticking with your content to the end are very slim.

Use some beats and effects to let other people know how worthy your content is to blow up on TikTok and go viral.

How to blow up on TikTok in 2022?  Get viral today

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4. Understand your audience

What’s the point of putting so much heart and soul into your content if you have no idea what your audience wants? You should always know the depth of your audience and what they like and dislike on your TikTok handle.

Here is the list of tips on what you need to know about your audience:

  1. The age group of your audience and their demographics.
  2. When your audience is most active.
  3. What kind of content are they most engaged with?
  4. What kind of content do they show the least involvement with?

And the list is endless. You have to know every bit of their preference and create content in that regard anyway.

5. Use TikTok tools

How to blow up on TikTok

TikTok has enough marketing and branding tools to market your content and further explode TikTok. They also have a bundle of filters, sound and music options, effects, and editing tools to create a post-worthy video on TikTok.

Make the most of these tools and take your engagement to the next and higher level.

6. Post at the right time

Your post time should match two parameters: when your audience is most active and when TikTok has the most engagement.

While you should always keep an eye on your audience and keep track of their active times, the maximum engagement timings according to our research are (in quiet time):

  1. Tuesday: 7 p.m
  2. Thursday: 10 am
  3. Friday: 5 a.m

7. Keep an eye on the TikTok algorithm

How to blow up on TikTok

The last method to blow up TikTok is to continuously check and move along the TikTok algorithm. There are so many tactics and clues about what TikTok supports and what doesn’t.

However, to keep track and be on good terms with TikTok, one should never ignore the TikTok algorithm as this is what will help your TikTok to blow up considerably.

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What does it mean to blow up on TikTok?

How to blow up on TikTok in 2022?  Get viral today

In simple terms, the term Blow-up means going viral on TikTok. Every time a creator manages to make his/her content viral, it means that he has blown up on TikTok.

However, Viral has no specific terms regarding how many views and what engagement rate is counted as viral. Any video content with a significant number of shares, comments, views, and likes is considered blowing up on TikTok.

Continue below to blast a TikTok and continue appearing on the “for you” page on TikTok.

Watch you blow up on TikTok

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Shut down

This was all about how to blow up your TikTok. Read aloud the guide mentioned above and see which of the methods comes as a savior for you today. Leave your experiences in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to follow trends to blow up on TikTok?

Yes, following and capitalizing on trends is one of the most important things to blow up on TikTok.

How to blow up on TikTok?

Furthermore, the ways to blow up on TikTok are:
1. Continue the trend
2. Right hashtags
3. Get your TikTok videos off to a good start
4. Understand your audience
5. Use TikTok tools
6. Post at the right time
7. Keep an eye on the TikTok algorithm

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