How To Buy Snapchat Pixy Drone In 2022

Snapchat launched its first flying selfie drone ‘pixie’ to the market at Partner Summit 2022. Pixy’s low price and ease of use and minimal number of controllers have stunned the market. It is listed at the top above all other default options available now. Snapchat has entered the drone business with the Snapchat Pixy Drone in traditional goofy yellow.

The CEO of the parent company, Evan Spiegel, said:“It’s a free-flying pocket-sized sidekick for adventures big and small” at the Snap Partner Summit. Snapchat Pixy Drone is Snap’s second hardware product after the launch of Spectacles in 2016. For those wondering why Snapchat made a drone, the answer is: Snap is a camera company!

Snapchat Pixy Drones offer exciting deals to the users – No complex controllers (anyone can use it), a front and bottom camera, and lands perfectly in your palms when you’re done! Would you like to have one for yourself? Learn everything you need to know about Snapchat Pixy Drones here. Role!!

What is Snapchat Pixy Drone?

Snapchat pixy drone

Snapchat Pixy Drone is a flying selfie camera. It’s a less complicated pocket-sized drone with a standard Start button to press with a mode dial. It does not have a complicated operating system that makes you dependent on someone else.

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A front camera is designed to take photos and videos. The camera on the bottom helps the drone navigate its path. With the help of the rotary knob you choose one of the four preset flight modes. When you’re done catching, raise your hand, it will land on your palm.

snap said, “We first created Snapchat as a new way to use the camera for self-expression and communication. From lenses to eyeglasses, there are many ways to share your perspective. Today we are taking the power and magic of the Snap Camera to new heights.”

Snapchat Selfie Drone Launch Date

Snapchat pixy drone

Snap Partner Summit 2022 showed what was to come from Snap in the future. Later, on the summit’s website, they launched Pixy saying: “meet Pixy – the latest way to take your creativity to new heights.”

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People flocked to the official Pixy website to pre-order their Snapchat Pixy drone. Now it is apparently out of stock! (Don’t worry, you just have to wait.)

Where to Buy Snapchat Pixy Drones | Is it available on Amazon?

Snapchat pixy drone

Snapchat’s buying experiences have always been carefully designed. Snapchat’s new dress up feature is an excellent example of this. Instead of putting Snapchat Pixy Drones on the Spectacles website, Snapchat has created a separate site for it.

Pixy is not available on Amazon or other third-party retailers. You can buy Snapchat Pixy Drones from the official Pixy website. For now, it is only available in the US and France.

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How Much Does a Snapchat Pixy Drone Cost?

Snapchat Pixy Drone with bumper and strap, rechargeable battery and USB-C charging cable is available for $229.99.

Snapchat also encourages users to choose the Pixy Flight package for $249.99. A pixy battery costs $19.99 and the dual battery charger costs $49.99.

Items in Snapchat’s Pixy Flight Pack Pixy Drone?

If you choose Pixy Flight Pack when buying a Snapchat Pixy Drone, you get this for $249.99.

Snapchat Item Function
1 Snapchat Pixy Drone Flying selfie drone to take photos and videos.
2 pixy battery A fully charged battery can fly 5-8 flights in standard mode.
3 Dual Battery Charger It comes with two rechargeable Pixy batteries with USB-C charging.
4 USB 3.0 charging cable Effective charging capacity and good cable design.
5 Carrying strap and bumper Provide protection and are easy to carry.

Basically, you can get a Snapchat Pixy Drone with a dual battery charger and two Pixy batteries, along with a bumper and carrying strap for $249.99.

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Snapchat Didn’t Make Enough Pixy Drones | Why Snapchat underestimates Pixy Drones?

Snapchat pixy drone

Snapchat saw an opportunity for a simple drone when there are many limitations and restrictions on existing drones. Most are bulky and expensive. Some drones require a license to fly, and others will scream as they fly. However, Snapchat was not prepared for a stock-out situation.

Snap’s CEO admitted that more drones should have been produced. According to the official Pixy website, delivery is expected in 15-16 weeks! We do not know whether the situation is due to the high demand or the scarcity of products. Snap shouldn’t have underestimated this cool gadget.

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How does Snapchat Pixy Drone work?

It has taken Snap six years to develop another hardware product, and for good reason. Snapchat Pixy Drone has now set the market on fire. Snapchat Pixy Drone has made some pretty good competition for DJI. Drones from DJI have a much longer battery life and quality, but they are expensive. Snapchat Pixy Drone works on simple terms. You don’t have to memorize the user manual here. Choose a flight mode and press the ‘Get started’ Knob.

The Snapchat Pixy Drone has four flight modes.

  1. Hover mode: Snapchat Pixy Drone hovers in front of the user and captures memories.
  2. Reveal Mode: Pixy Drone leans back and flies up to gradually reveal the environment.
  3. Tracking mode: Pixy Drone follows the user by taking long shots.
  4. Orbit mode: The drone flies high and takes 360-degree shots.

Hovering mode and tracking mode allow the drone to land on the user’s palm. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the Snapchat Pixy Drone and how it works.

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Snapchat Pixy Drone Features

Pixy drone has incredible features that will entice any user. It weighs only 101 grams and has interchangeable batteries. With a fully charged battery you can fly 5-8 rounds. Other notable features are included here.


  1. Snapchat Pixy Drone Capture Videos with a resolution of 2.7K.
  2. 12 MP photos.
  3. The flight time of different modes can be changed in the Pixy settings.
  4. Captured moments can be wirelessly transferred to Snapchat memories.
  5. USB-C charging cable with an operational capability of more than 2.4 GHz/5 GHz.
  6. Storage capacity – 16 gigabytes (100 videos – 1000 photos)
  7. Within Snapchat Reminders, users can edit, apply AR lenses and add music to the captured creations.
  8. Users can share their creations on Snapchat or export them to other platforms.


  1. Snapchat could have used more Pixy-specific AR tools for Snapchat memories.
  2. An automatic cropping feature when you change the horizontally made creations to a vertical screen.
  3. Low video quality on big screens, but worth it for this product at this price.
  4. Low offer
Snapchat pixy drone

Snap once overestimated their value for eyewear that was never a commercial success. So Snap must have underestimated Pixy. But in general it’s too good to be true.

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According to Snap executives, Pixy was an experiment to know what it feels like to be in the palm of users. We hope Snap will bring more spice to Pixy version 2 in the future. For now, the Snapchat Pixy Drone is worth a try!

Shut down

Snap’s first selfie camera drones were unveiled at Snap Partner Summit 2022. The internet had swept all the shards and the Snapchat drone is now out of stock! Pixy is just a toy for the company; give a glimpse into the future.

Compared to other drones on the market, it’s an excellent bargain at this price. I’ve covered everything you need to know about the Snapchat Pixy drone and its features. You now know what to expect from Pixy Drone and where to get it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Snapchat Pixy Drone?

It is a flying selfie camera designed to take photos and images remotely and transfer them to Snapchat memories wirelessly.

2. Why can’t I buy a Snapchat Pixy drone?

Snap had a limited supply of Pixy drones at the beginning and it looks like they are now in stock. Tap “Notify Me” on the Pixy website and wait now.

3. Where can I buy Pixy drone?

You can buy a Snapchat Pixy drone from the official Pixy website.

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