How to change your interests on TikTok in 2022

Every application we come across stays with us today, especially TikTok. The world is evolving towards a community with less patience. You may be getting tired of the content TikTok provides to your feed. Recently, you knew that the feed has been customized based on your interests. So you thought of updating your interests. I hope I got the storyline perfect. Let’s make a nice end to the story. Scroll down to learn more about how to list your interests on TikTok . can change in 2022.

I always thought why do restaurants have menus? Keep reading this before you consider me a nerd. You leave the restaurant if you don’t like the menu. The restaurant with a great menu of your interest will be your eternal hangout. The same thing happens with applications. We fall in love with an app when it connects more with ourselves.

TikTok, with a billion active users, clearly knows best. They choose the highest-ranked videos to feed based on your preferences. You can easily change these biases in your institution. Light the candle and let’s see how we can change your interests on TikTok.

How to change your interests on TikTok with mobile and web?

How to List Your Interests on TikTok .  can change

Each of you may have a different opinion about ‘Milk or grains first?’. But we do agree on one point here. You all ended up here with uncertainties about customizing TikTok interests like adding interests to TikTok and much more.

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How to change your interests on TikTok?

It’s not rocket science. All you have to do is grab your phone and sit back. You can do this in your mobile app or login to TikTok in your browser.

  1. Open ‘TikTok’.
  2. Tap the ‘three horizontal lines’ above.
  3. You open a tab of ‘ Settings and privacy.’
  4. Scroll down to “Content Preferences.”
  5. click on “Updating Interests.”
  6. Tap on your interests from the list (Daily Life, Comedy, Entertainment, etc.)
  7. Hit ‘Save.’
  8. ‘Refresh’ your TikTok.

This is the roadmap on how to change your interests on TikTok. On the web, just log in go to the TikTok website and go to settings by clicking ‘Profile icon.’ Follow the same steps as mentioned above.

TikTok Settings;  how to change your interests on TikTok

How does TikTok know your interests?

Over time, you may notice that TikTok is slowly entering your addiction cycle. It’s because it mimics a best friend who knows everything about us. Have you ever wondered how this is done better with TikTok than with any other social media application. Instead of looking for how to change your interests on TikTok, learn more about how your interests are collected without changing them.

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TikTok algorithms use the power of 8 functions to get to know you better. You know we say ‘we are what we are online’. Maybe that’s why TikTok knows a little more about us. Let’s take a look at those features and how it helps TikTok contact us.

1. Like – Some of us are too stingy to like on social media. So when that miracle happens, it counts.

FYP from TikTok' how to find your interests on tiktok .  can change

2. Comments – we only comment if we really want to. So once again the next hook-up note for TikTok.

3. To share – You may not like or comment on it, but you definitely shared it with your friend. Don’t fool TikTok. They know this too.

4. Not interested – You can have hard feelings and since you let TikTok know about it, it will definitely prevent such a mess in the future.

5. Save – you may not like the content. But somehow you saved it for later viewing. TikTok is going to shower you more like that until you click ‘Not interested.’

Not interested, report, share video and add to TikTok's favorite tab' how to change your interests on TikTok.

6. Add to favorites – You liked the content very much and you have added to favorites. You’ll get more of it soon.

7. Playtime – You were a bit on some content – Congratulations, TikTok flagged it in your interests.

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8. review – TikTok does not want to know the reason. It will remember your rewatch much more clearly than your ex.

Basically, if you open TikTok, you are under surveillance. So you can drop your search on how to change your interests on TikTok. Just kidding.

Shutting down

Having an account on TikTok is a great way to maximize your creative head. But you don’t want to pay attention to the things you don’t want, do you? Content preferences play a role there. This article is a total package on how to change your interests on TikTok.

With custom programmed interests, TikTok shows you more content of your choice in the feed. It was a fun ride. I say ‘goodbye’ from here. Hope we meet again. Let us know what you think of this ride? Leave your comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is TikTok not showing interesting content?

It’s because you haven’t changed your content preferences. Tap content preferences in the settings and click update interests. Choose your interests from wide choices.

2. What are the main interests in TikTok?

Food & Drink, News & Entertainment, Sports & Outdoors, Travel and Hacks of Everyday Life are some of the top interests to follow on TikTok in 2022.

3. Is it important to change your interests on TikTok?

Like any other application, TikTok also prioritizes your experience based on the interests you specify. So it is always better to update your interests on TikTok.

4. How do you change your interests on TikTok?

Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Content Preferences’. Editing on ‘Update Interests’ will allow you to post your interests on TikTok. modify

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