How To Do Instagram Live Scheduling In 7 Easy Steps (2022)

Instagram’s latest introduction to their platform is the live stream scheduling option. This function is referred to as: Instagram Live Schedule. Here you can schedule your stream 90 days in advance. You can even give reminders to your followers. The new feature is available through Stories.

It helps to engage a lot of audience and keep them informed through the reminders. You can connect directly with your followers or audience via Instagram Live. You also create a buzz 90 days in advance and let your followers anticipate a big announcement, upcoming event or launch.

Instagram Live Scheduling is useful for posting countdown stories through your profile. So, if you’re excited to try living for yourself, read our article below to learn more about the details of Instagram Live.

How to Do Instagram Live Scheduling in 2022

steps to schedule instagram live

Are you an Instagram content creator? Are you planning a live video? If the answers to both questions are negative, you’d be happy to know that Instagram Live Scheduling isn’t limited to content creators. It’s easy to start Live on Instagram, you can also easily schedule one for a future time and date. Instagram allows users to add followers to the Live video. If you want to start your own, follow the simple steps below:

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Open the camera.

3. Swipe right from bottom edge and go live.

4. On the right side you will find an option for the schedule.

5. Select Schedule and set the event name’title of the video.’


6. Select Start time and choose a date and time for the schedule.

start time for instagram live

7. Tap Schedule live video.

Note: You can share the scheduled live as posts to your followers so they get reminders before they go live.

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How to do Instagram Live Scheduling?

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Hope you got all your answers to your question about live scheduling on Instagram. We’ve designed the answers in steps to make it easier for you. So enjoy your next Instagram live with the guide above. You can subscribe to our website, Path of EX, to learn more on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a content creator, so can I go for live scheduling on Instagram?

Yes, live scheduling on Instagram is not limited to content creators, any Instagram user can go for it.

Can I schedule an Instagram live for a later date and time?

Yes, you can schedule an Instagram to live for a later date.

How many days in advance can I schedule a live stream?

You can schedule an Instagram live 90 days in advance.

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