How to download Pinterest Board

From the classic bedroom goals to a romantic date night, Pinterest is your one stop solution. It’s like your buddy at 3 a.m. who has all the ideas for your help. However, no matter how many people like to use this platform, there is one drawback that annoys the users. It does not allow its users to download the images directly to the device gallery. aaah!! It is very annoying! But not anymore! Do you want to know how? Here is a post for you on how to download Pinterest board in one go.

Most people using this platform think that the best way to download a board is to take a screenshot. Well why not? After all, it is the best possible alternative to save the image on the device and also save the data! LOL! This is a good idea, but it can be a little difficult to take that many screenshots of all those images. By the way, what about the quality?

If you want to download Pinterest board from the app in one go, it can be a bit tricky. Pinterest does not allow its users to download the images or board directly to the device gallery. However, it is not an impossible task as you can use certain Chrome extensions that can make your work easy.

So, how do you do that? Is it hard or easy to download Pinterest in one go? Will it cost you money or are these platforms free to use? Wait a second! You will learn all about it below in this post. But before we jump into this, let’s take a look at how to download the images from Pinterest to your devices.

How to download Pinterest images to your device?

How to download Pinterest images to your device
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Why Pinterest?


Why not allow your users to download all images to their desktop at once?

That’s not fair!

Obviously, at this point you should be thinking about taking a screenshot. But take a break and think, if you’re someone who uses your desktop more than your phone, it’s not easy for you to get a screenshot of all these images from Pinterest. Agree! The phone users can take the screenshot, but how often does this work for the desktop?

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Obviously it will become a burden instead of making your task easier.

So what to do?

Do not worry! All you need to do is find the download option for your desktops. For this,

  • Go to your web browser and open Pinterest.
  • Go to the photo you want to download and right click on the photo.
  • Tap the save image as option, choose the name of your file and click next.
  • wuhu! You’re done.

That’s for the desktop, but how do you download it from your phone?

It is also an easy job, all you need to do is,

  • Open the Pinterest app and open the image you want to download.
  • Look for the bar with three dots in the far left corner at the top and click on it.
  • A pop-up menu will appear with some options. Under such options, click on the image download and Vola! It’s finished.

However, you should keep a few things in mind while downloading. The main one is to access media on your device. To grant permission, click on the mentioned option.

What if you download it on your iPhone?

It’s not much different except a few steps. So, after clicking the download option, you may get a permission error (not always). To solve this,

  • Tap the privacy option in your iPhone’s settings
  • Click on photos
  • Tap the Pinterest option.
  • Click on read and write on the next screen.
  • Click Allow access to photos.
  • Open the Pinterest app and now follow the same steps as for downloading images from Pinterest on Android.

Well, you should keep in mind that this will download a single image and not the entire board.

How to download Pinterest Board at once with Chrome Web Store?

How to download Pinterest Board in one go with Chrome Web Store
Source: Pinterest

To download Pinterest board in one go with Chrome Web Store, you need to:

  • Open the Chrome web store.
  • Add an image download extension, such as Pinterest Image Download, to the Chrome browser.
  • Go to the Pinterest board on your website.
  • Click on the download extension.
  • In the board option, select Download all images.
  • ah! That’s it, now all your board images are saved on your device.

However, you can use many other Pinterest board downloader Chrome extensions like Pinterest Image Download. Let’s look at this in detail.

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How to download Pinterest Board with different Chrome extensions at once?

How to download Pinterest Board at once with different Chrome extensions
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If you think that all the above methods are nothing short of hard work, you can try using the third-party tools known as Chrome extensions.

Well, one thing is for sure that these Chrome extensions will make your job easier.

The best chrome extensions to use are:

  • Down Album
  • image downloader
  • Image Assistant Batch Image Downloader
  • Lock
  • image picker
  • Pinterest downloader

All these extensions will help you to download your imageboard in one go without reducing the image quality.

So you don’t have to worry about the quality.

How to download Pinterest Board at once with another browser?

How to download Pinterest Board in one go using another browser
Source: Windows Report

If you like to use Google Chrome for your daily task or to check out the new trends of interest, then it may not be possible for you to get Pinterest board in your gallery in one go without extensions. However, if you switch to another platform, it becomes a matter of convenience for you.

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If you are thinking of doing this, then Opera is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to its high-quality customization, this browser is definitely Pinterest’s special tool.

Its lightweight and comprehensive set of extensions make it suitable for building a viable framework for downloading the images from your Pinterest board.

Packing up:

So you can download a Pinterest board in one go without much effort or without reducing the image quality.

Now is the time for you to use these methods and download the Pinterest board to your device with ease. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section if you find this post helpful or not.

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