How to Filter Messages on Mastodon Server: A Quick Guide

You can filter posts on Mastodon to automatically hide them if they contain certain words or phrases. By filtering the posts, you can make social media more enjoyable and control what you see. In this article I will guide you through it how to filter messages on the Mastodon server.

Mastodon has been trending everywhere for a few weeks now. In the second quarter of this year, it attracted people. However, momentum broke in the middle of the third quarter and accelerated in the last week of October 2022. People are leaving Twitter and joining Mastodon for many reasons that are a result of the latest changes to Twitter HQ and its features.

Mastodon is free, open source software; there are plenty of apps using Mastodon that allow users to come to their kind of communities created in these third party apps. Therefore, the settings and functions are sometimes confusing. To educate new users about the platform and its features, settings and operation, this article is part of our comprehensive resource on the Mastodon How-Tos. In this I will let you know how to filter messages on the Mastodon server.

How to filter messages on Mastodon Server?

To filter messages on the Mastodon server, you may need to search and find the options mentioned in this step-by-step guide based on your app.

Here’s how it works on the Mastodon app and Mastodon Desktop. Follow these steps to filter messages on the Mastodon server.

Step 1: Open the Mastodon app or visit the Mastodon website on your desktop.

Step 2: Sign in with you Credentials if you are not logged in.

Step 3: In your Mastodon app for iPhone or Android, tap the gear icon from the home page. It’s in the top right corner of the page. The settings option is in the header if you are on a desktop.

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Step 4: Tap the Account settings choice. (Skip this step on the desktop)

Steps 1 to 4: How to Filter Messages on Mastodon Server

Step 5: At this step, tap the hamburger icon (three stacked lines) in the top right corner. Skip this step on the desktop.

Step 6: Tap the Filters choice. (Also follow the further steps on your desktop)

Steps 5 to 6: Filter Messages on Mastodon Server

Step 7: touch the Add new filter button on the right side of the screen, next to Filters.

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Step 8: Add all fields according to your choice and preferences. Set the Expires after field to Never if you want the filter to be there forever. However, you can edit or delete it later.

Step 9: Check the filter contexts. It will help you hide the word from certain fields. If you check everything, you will lose the word anywhere in the Mastodon app. Now choose between Hide with a warning or Hide completely.

Step 10: Add as many words as you want to the list. To add new words, press Add keyword.

Step 11: Tap on SAVE NEW FILTER, and that’s it.

Steps 7 to 10: Filter Messages on Mastodon Server

That’s all about filtering messages on the Mastodon server. You can add as many filters as you want. Enjoy filtered feed! To add a new filter page, press the Add new filter option again and follow all the steps above. If you’ve added full words above, now add short forms, acronyms, and different styles you think you can use instead of completely unethical, intimidating, or unparliamentary words.

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How do filter messages work on Mastodon Server?

The added letters are often applied to any message that contains them, whether or not they are in the middle of a word. When you choose a complete keyword, the filter will only be applied if the keyword is included in the same style. It is therefore better to confuse letters, styles and complete words. The filter will help you about the whole Mastodon as below:

How to filter messages on Mastodon Server

1. Home Feed and Lists will not show you the statuses or posts where your filtered keyword or letters match.

2. Mastodon DMs (because they work like messages) will be removed from your thread and views if they contain such words.

3. You will not see a Mastodon notice where the term is used. For example, if your message gets a reply with a word or phrase that contains the word you’ve added in filters, Mastodon won’t show it on your phone or in the app notifications tab (the bell icon).

You can also remove, block or report people if you think they are uploading their posts using the terms and words you don’t like.

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Shut down

Getting rid of phrases and words that don’t match your personality or preference is a great pleasure. Filter posts on Mastodon allow you to manage your feed and your DMs, as well as notifications. I hope this guide on filtering messages on Mastodon was fun and easy for you. For more Mastodon guides keep surfing Path of EX.

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