How to Find Missing Twitter DMs

Have you ever felt bad about accidentally deleting essential Twitter direct messages? There are ways to recover DMs on Twitter. Are your friends or relatives complaining that you don’t pay attention to their Twitter posts? Do not worry; to learn how to find missing twitter DMs. I’ll tell you how to find lost Twitter DMs and everything you didn’t know about Twitter inboxes.

Microblogging platform Twitter is a perfect mix of entertainment and information and always entertains users with new features. The recently launched Twitter Circle feature is a gem. We tweet and retweet, but many are building an empire on that. Twitter is a great marketing tool because it has a diverse readership. You may be wondering, knowing that Twitter never actually deletes your deleted DMs. For more surprise, know this: Twitter has three inboxes!

If you accidentally deleted your Twitter DMs, it can be a big disappointment. It could be a friendly greeting or crucial business communication on Twitter. You don’t have to worry, because we are here for you. Let’s take a look at how to find missing twitter DMs.

How to find missing Twitter DMs in extra inbox | Hidden messages on Twitter

Phone on Twitter logo background;  How to find your missing Twitter DMs

I’m sure you have no idea that Twitter has different inboxes than the primary one. But it’s true: Twitter has three inboxes! Your DMs can be under any of them. Let’s crack down on the three inboxes and how they work.

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Twitter inbox

These are the three Twitter inboxes that will make your jaw drop. Twitteratis had serious comments about this hidden Twitter feature.

1. The Primary Twitter Inbox- You can find DMs from the people who follow you here.

2. Message Request Inbox- You can find DMs from the people who don’t follow you here. You can view their message before accepting the message request. But you must accept the request to continue the conversation with that person.

3. Additional messages inbox- Most Twitteratis don’t even know it exists. Twitter puts all spam messages and the offensive content here – far out of your sight!

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Let’s see how to find missing DMs in Twitter inboxes. You know where to find the primary inbox. But we have to mention it again to enter additional inboxes, because those two extra inboxes are rent-free in primary Twitter DMs.

1. Open “Twitter.”

2. Tap the ‘Envelope’ icon.

Twitter primary messages settings;  How to find missing DMs on Twitter

This is how you access your primary Twitter inbox. If you’ve turned on your Twitter DMs for the people who don’t follow you, you can use the ‘message requests’ folder directly below the ‘search for people and groups.’

Twitter primary messages settings;  How to find missing DMs on Twitter

If you don’t have the folder, you’ll need to enable your Twitter DM for the people who don’t follow you through the settings to access the message request inbox.

To access the message requests folder,

1. Open’ Twitter.’

2. Click on the ‘Envelope’ icon in the bottom menu.

3. Click ‘Settings’ from the primary inbox.

Twitter primary messages settings;  How to find missing DMs on Twitter

4. Slide bar to the right for “Allow message requests from everyone.”

Twitter primary messages settings;  How to find missing Twitter DMs on Twitter

Now you have also seen the second Twitter inbox. But what about the third? If you often use Twitter DMs, you might exhaust yourself by finding the third inbox. Because to get the extra Twitter inbox, you have to scroll all the way down to the very first message.

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You will find a display there that reads: “Show additional messages, including messages that may contain objectionable content.” click on ‘To show.’

Twitter primary messages settings;  How to find missing DMs on Twitter

As I always say, artificial intelligence isn’t wise as a human being, so it can make mistakes with borderline criticism as offensive content. So be sure to check all three Twitter inboxes the next time you search for missing DMs on Twitter.

How to recover DMs on Twitter | Recover deleted messages on Twitter

Deleted messages are not the end. Still, there are several ways to recover or retrieve your data on Twitter. We can go through five different methods to recover deleted messages on Twitter.

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Let’s list them one by one.

1. Ask your sender or receiver

When you delete a message, it is only deleted on your end. You can still ask the recipient or sender for a screenshot of the message if you want. Only recommended if the sender or receiver is too close to ask. What if you are unable to request a screenshot? Scroll down for plan B!

2. Check your emails

If your Twitter email notification is enabled, good for you!

Accessing deleted messages via email is a common practice. You won’t get that message back in DM, but you can still read it in emails even if the sender or recipient had their Twitter account deleted. Here’s how to find lost DMs on Twitter via email.

1. Open your ‘E-mail.’

2. Check the email with which Twitter notified you.

Twitter message on email;  How to recover Twitter DMs

3. ‘Search’ your deleted post (hope you have a minimal idea of ​​the conversation date before deleting it).

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3. Download your Twitter data

I don’t normally give away so much in one article, but this one really calls for it. Twitter never deleted your deleted messages! Yes, you heard me right. All these years, Twitter has been saving your deleted messages. So next time, think twice before sending something too confidential on the Internet. Even a social media platform doesn’t really delete what is ‘deleted!’ stands.

When you download the Twitter data, you can access your Twitter activities to date. You can easily find your deleted messages here. Twitter usually recommends that users archive their data before deleting or deactivating their Twitter account. How to download or archive Twitter data let me help you,

1. Log in to “Twitter.”

2. Go to ‘Settings and privacy.’

download Twitter data;  How To Find Lost Twitter Dms

3. Tap “Your bill.”

4. Click “Download an archive of your data.”

download Twitter data;  How To Find Lost Twitter Dms

5. Verify your ‘Password.’

download Twitter data;  How To Find Lost Twitter Dms

6. Choose “Email or phone number for verification code.”

7. Tap ‘Next one’ after verification.

8. Click ‘Request archive.’

download Twitter data;  How To Find Lost Twitter Dms

9. Accept the notification to a . to download ‘Zip file’ From the data.

Depending on the size, it may take 2-3 days to download your data. Now you have downloaded the Twitter data as a zip file. Extract the file and open the archive.html file for your deleted messages. It is one of the best methods to find lost DMs on Twitter.

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4. Using Third Party Applications

All third-party applications cannot be trusted and we do not recommend them. But if you’ve found one that is safe and useful, you can use it to find your missing DMs at your own risk instead of googling how to find lost DMs.

5. Contact Twitter Customer Service

Twitter customer service provides various answers on how to manage your account, safety, security, locked or suspended account issues, etc.

You can contact Twitter services by phone, and an agent will provide instructions to resolve your issue, or you can contact them through Twitter’s customer service website.

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Twitter support is also available on the Twitter platform. If you make a problem public, you are more likely to get help quickly.

Shut down

Twitter DMs can be hard to find. It stung even more when you accidentally deleted it. However, there are techniques to recover lost messages or find missing DMs on tweet. I’ve graciously covered all the possibilities of Twitter messaging and finding missing DMs on Twitter here, and I hope you enjoy it. Share it with anyone who has trouble finding DMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to recover deleted messages on Twitter?

This is the best way to find lost DMs on Twitter. Try downloading your Twitter data or check your emails for the message notifications. You can find your deleted messages on Twitter’s archived data while you get a glimpse of your deleted message in the email notification.

2. How do you recover lost Twitter DMs?

Here’s how to find lost Twitter DMs. Download your Twitter data to access your deleted communications. If your Twitter notifications are on, you can also find the messages in your email.

3. How do I find my hidden messages on Twitter?

Twitter has three inboxes, and your message could be under one of those inboxes. Check your primary inbox and message requests. Then scroll all the way down in the inbox and click ‘To show’ for “Show additional messages, including messages that may contain objectionable content.”

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