How to Fix Instagram Access Data Not Showing Up in 2022 (Solved)

People who use social media generally do not have an overview of the data used on the platform. It also becomes a challenge to stay up-to-date. Users want to keep a backup of the data they have used on their social media platforms. Instagram has come up with such an option, which is access data. But sometimes, the Instagram credentials are not displayed the error is quite common.

So, if you are facing a similar problem with your Instagram account, you should read our news article below to learn how to fix it. The process below is simple. You can apply the process yourself and obtain the access data yourself.

So let’s stop wasting time and get to the heart of the matter to learn more about how to get our backup data from Instagram.

How to fix Instagram credentials not showing?

Instagram credentials will not be displayed in 2022

If you want to fix Instagram access data not showing, you need to visit a new window in Instagram profile. Previously, the access data option was available in the security option. Then things changed and after the app was upgraded, the option was available in the ‘your activity’ section.

The new section was created to help the users provide all the information about their account activity under one roof. Therefore, follow the steps below to fix the Instagram data not showing up.

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Go to Menu.

3. Select the Security and privacy choice.

open security and privacy and go to download data

4. Open download data.

5. Click on request download.

Note: – Please select the format you want to download before downloading.

6. When the details have been entered correctly, you will receive a link in the e-mail.

7. Open the link and access your data from Instagram.

People who have no idea about accessing data on Instagram refer to the paragraph below; you will get to know the real meaning.

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What does “Access data” on Instagram mean?

Credentials is a feature on Instagram that allows you to get a copy of all your activity on the platform. It contains photos, videos, stories, posts, comments, and profile data.

This feature is useful because it has all backups of your entire data on Instagram.

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Access to data is a lifesaver and all users love the feature on the platform. I’ve also used the feature and loved it. I hope you will like it too. So, let me know your feedback in the comment below. For more information, subscribe to our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the access data on Instagram?

Access data on Instagram stores all information on the platform. It acts as a backup of all activities on the platform.

Can I fix the Instagram credentials not showing?

Yes, you can fix the Instagram; access data is not displayed. You need to login to your account and follow a few simple steps. Then you will receive a link in your email. You need to go to the link and access all the data on your Instagram account.

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