How To Fix Snapchat Streak And Know Before It Disappears

Snapchat streak is a prestigious milestone among Snapchatters. But what can you do if the streak is lost? let me tell you how to fix snapchat streak. You can restore your Snapchat sequence in the app. Scroll through this article to know how to maintain a streak and what the different Streak emojis mean.

Snap maps is a great feature of the app. This allows you to know the location of your friend. But sometimes the Snapchat location may not be precise and accurate. Snaphchat+ is a premium membership version that you can get. You get Ghost Trials that let you know the locations of your friends from the last 24 hours. You can now also try the new My Story Timer on Snapchat+.

So, how do you get streaks back? Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat streak recovery.

How to Restore Snapchat Streak?

how to fix snapchat streak

To maintain a Snapchat streak, both users must send Snaps within the 24-hour window. You will lose your Snapchat sequence if any of you fail to send snaps within 24 hours. If this happens, how can you fix Snapchat streak? You can restore your Snapchat sequence by contacting the Snapchat support team.

Once you contact support, you will be required to fill out a form. You must provide your username, email address, mobile number and your device information. After that, you have to mention your friend’s username, the date you lost the streak, the number of your streak when it was lost and you saw the hourglass icon.

how to fix snapchat streak

In the description section, you have to enter the reason why you think you lost the Snapchat sequence. After you submit the form, the support team will review it and restore the Snapchat sequence.

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What are Snapchat Streaks?

How To Fix Snapchat Streak

Snapchat streaks are created when two Snapchatters click each other back and forth within 24 hours. If you and the other Snapchat user have sent each other snaps within 24 hours, a fire 🔥emoji will appear next to their contact. You can also know the number of days of the streak in addition to the fire emoji.

The longest Snapchat streak is at 2663 days by best friends Hannah and Lauren. Previously, this record stood at 2165 streaks.

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What are Snapchat Streak Emojis?

How To Fix Snapchat Streak

Snapchat stripes have their own emojis. You can see these emojis on the right side of your screen, opposite the user’s bitmoji. The Snapchat streak is displayed with a fire emoji. Whereas, if you keep a Snapchat sequence for 100 days, it will be represented by a hundred 💯 emoji. If you are about to lose your streak, you will see an hourglass emoji.

Other emojis that are popular on Snapchat are the Yellow Heart emoji, which indicates that you are the best of friends. The Red Heart emoji ❤️ indicates that you’ve both been #1 BFs for two consecutive weeks. You’ll see pink hearts 💕 when you’ve snapped the most and are #1 BFs for two consecutive months.

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So now you know how to recover Snapchat streak. You can recover your lost streak by filling out the form in Snapchat support. You can know the Snapchat streak score by seeing the number next to the Snapchat streak. We will keep coming with more such updates on Snapchat. Follow us for more. Keep visiting Path of EX!

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