How to get an Instagram feed in full screen

Instagram has revolutionized by launching its Full screen Instagram feed. It is a platform that continuously strives to improve the user experience. The new feature that has been introduced has a vertical screen and a full screen, similar to TikTok. Social media experts see this as an attempt to corner TikTok by Instagram. Dive more into Instagram’s full-screen feed feature with me here.

Instagram feed is something that welcomes you when you open Instagram. So Instagram wants this to be warm and cool without a doubt. However, it cannot include all features in this full screen Instagram feed. Instagram stories buried in this new feature are odd because IG stories ads are one of the company’s most lucrative revenue streams.

Instagram has taken TikTok seriously as a potential competitor and is trying to dominate the market. In this article we look at what Instagram has done with their feed to make it more fun for us and how to get full screen instagram feed.

How do I get a full screen Instagram feed?

Instagram’s full-screen feed is in trial. For now, these features are available to select Instagrammers. Instagram could soon extend this to everyone.

Update your Instagram application to the latest version to make sure you have the feature. You will also get to know the feature through stories on the official Instagram page. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, tried out a new feature and tweeted about it.

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How to use Instagram feed in full screen?

According to Instagram executives, users will see higher posts and videos appearing in their full-screen feeds. The like, comment, share and caption buttons are added to the video. It had been cornered before.

Instagram feed image' Instagram feed full screen

The bottom of the screen still has search, scroll, shopping, and profile icon buttons, and the messaging and new post features icons remain at the top.

Instagram feed image' Instagram feed full screen

Instagram stories are one of the golden tools to monetize Instagram. But it looks a bit faded with the new feature. Instagram stories remain at the top. But once you start scrolling, it disappears.

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Why did Instagram add a new full screen feed?

Instagram has recognized the popularity of short form video streaming on social media platforms. The new feature puts videos in the spotlight. The company had seen the potential of Instagram roles since launch. So Instagram prefers the immersive 9:16 ratio of Instagram reels over their home feed is not a surprising fact.

Instagram post rate;  Instagram feed in full screen

Choosing video formats over money-making Instagram stories is not a mistake, I believe. Instagram encourages creators to create short videos and rewards them for doing so. It would be a great business idea to monetize Instagram roles by adding additional spots for ads in the future.

ads on Instagram roles;  Instagram feed in full screen

Many creators reposted TikTok content on Instagram. Instagram also clarifies it, as the platform prefers original content over the reposted ones to avoid this. If you are someone who makes videos on TikTok and reposts them on other platforms, don’t worry. You can download the TikTok videos without watermark and post it on Instagram.

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Why is Instagram full screen feed important?

Behind Instagram, Google is fueling the situation by making daily YouTube Shorts watch stats public. YouTube shorts are viewed about 30 billion times a day. Instagram is currently developing new features to compete in the market. Its main purpose is to provide tools to keep users engaged on the platform. They recently introduced a like button for stories in addition to the share buttons.

Instagram new feature warning;  Instagram feed in full screen

Other new features Instagram has recently tested include the ability to pin posts from other users to the top of a profile page.

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Instagram realized the potential of videos to engage people once TikTok became a success and Instagram created a full screen feed to now give users a more immersive experience with their feed. Logically, individuals now spend more time online than offline. Social media networks are racing to the top with new features and services.

The full screen Instagram feed allows users to have better content engagement with a 9:16 ratio, although skipping the found Instagram story icon seems to be a drawback. In addition to Instagram, Google has also introduced their short video format called YouTube Shorts.

Everything related to the Instagram full screen feed and backstory has been covered in the article. If you find this informative, please share.

Until then, be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does full feed mean on Instagram?

Instagram feed is the homepage you see when you first open Instagram. Full Feed on Instagram is the new feature that allows you to view longer posts and videos on the homepage in full screen. Update your application to the latest version to experience it.

2. Why can’t I see my Instagram feed in full screen?

Try installing the application again or updating to the latest version to take advantage of new features.

3. Why can’t I see the Instagram stories now?

With the full screen Instagram feed, you won’t see the Instagram stories once you scroll down. Scroll up or refresh to take advantage of Instagram Stories.

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