How to get Reddit Karma

Karma on Reddit is not comparable to the law of karma that applies in real life. It is based on the idea of ​​cause and effect. In Reddit, users are invited to achieve digital karma by joining many subreddit communities. When someone joins Reddit, they will come across a number on their profile. So if you are a Reddit user you should know How to get Reddit Karma

The method or tips, as you may call it, is quite easy to follow. You just need to keep certain things in mind and use them to get the desired result. So, to know how to get Reddit Karma, see the details in the article below. I am sure you would like to know them.

How to get Reddit Karma?

How to get Reddit Karma |  5 Tips Help You Get It (2022)

I hope you now know how to earn karma, and many new Redditors want to crack the code and understand how to earn it faster. Just like any other community, building a reputation on Reddit is hard work because you have to keep posting good stuff. To get karma on Reddit, you have to get involved, contribute and get things moving in their honest practice.

If you expect to get extra points for joining a precise subreddit, here are a few tips to earn your Reddit Karma faster.

Join popular subreddits

Major subreddits like r/funny and r/pics are where millions of people hang out. So if you publish something that goes well, you can earn a lot of karma from that post. But huge communities like this one are heavily encroached upon, and even if you tend to post as a newbie, you may struggle to cut through the noise.

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2. Create hilarious and funny messages

Create hilarious and funny messages

Make your posts on Reddit stand out. Memes that go viral in no time are probably the best. The unusual and fascinating photos and videos. For example, a photo of a husky walking on water got 32.2K upvotes in the r/pics subreddit and helped the author earn a lot of money from it.

You should have a better idea of ​​what really works on the Reddit platform. You need to sort the posts in your feed and get the pattern from this feature.

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3. Discuss popular topics

There is always a discussion going on on Reddit. So if you want something to say about the latest trending news, you might already find a thread on the same topic where you want to make your voice heard. The tricky part is that hot topics are extremely polarizing and there are chances of getting downvoted rather than earning positive Reddit karma.

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4. Reply first and make a good point

Reply first and make a good point

You can follow the new posts in popular subreddits and jump on the ones with good upvoting potential. The comment will go up due to proximity when the post gets hotter. However, it will not be voted up just because it is the first.

Humorous comments and appropriate GIF responses are helpful for the upvotes. Consequently, some of them offer meaningful, perceptive justifications and conclusions.

A well-weighted comment with thousands of upvotes expresses an emotion that most people can relate to. When users commented on a YouTube video, Reddit videos scored 45.6K points because many agreed. So, this will help you get Reddit Karma.

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5. Q&A on Reddit

One of the largest subreddits, Reddit and AskReddit, has nearly 36 million members. The assumption is simple and effective; therefore you can ask questions and give answers at the same time. People will raise your karma several points if they think your question is worth it.

Users on Reddit who are not aware of the latest edition of Reddit Karma on the platform can refer below for more details to understand the real meaning.

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What is Reddit Karma?

How to get Reddit Karma |  5 Tips Help You Get It (2022)

Reddit karma is a score you earn when you post and comment on Reddit. Users can gain karma by providing or accepting awards, although it is in the testing phase and can be checked out on Reddit’s r/changelog. Whenever someone taps on your username, they get a summary of the post karma and comment karma in addition to your overall karma, which is displayed on your profile. Some people are so good at Reddit that their karma runs into the millions.

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The Reddit karma feature on the platform helps you earn from the comments and posts you post. Users are excited about the new addition. They have also started using it. I hope the article has given you clarity. So you can read our other articles on Reddit on our Path of EX website. Until then, create questions and post them on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Reddit Karma?

If you want to know how to get Reddit Karma, you need to post hilarious posts, discuss hot topics, comment first and make a good point, and many more similar tips.

What is Reddit Karma?

When you post a comment on Reddit, you get a score known as Reddit karma.

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