How to grow Instagram with Pinterest

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform according to sources. Instagram has recently made such an impact by supporting entrepreneurs, which has made them transition their business to Instagram. Big brands are also using social media platforms to leverage their growth. Creators use Instagram as a base and Pinterest as a marketing tool. But is it possible? Yes. It is. Let’s see how to grow Instagram with Pinterest.

Over the years, Instagram has evolved into something more than just a photo-sharing platform. To call Instagram “an all-in-one game” would be an understatement. Facebook, currently known as Meta, owned Instagram in 2012 and thought it would pose a $1 billion threat to Facebook. Time has proved they weren’t wrong!

Since everyone is looking for passive income, there has been a wave of entrepreneurs in the past decade. Instagram now offers freedom in scheduling posts, shoppable posts and placing ads. But Pinterest still rules the realm of marketing. Why not combine these two? Without revealing much here, let’s do a strategic study on how to grow Instagram with Pinterest.

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest?

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest

If you haven’t explored Instagram’s business opportunities yet, switch now! There are several features for an entrepreneur to start a business on Instagram. For starters, you don’t need any ID or certifications. Pinterest is an excellent platform to market your business and sell ideas for beginners. So. Let’s combine the benefits of these two platforms and make the most of your business. Wondering how to grow Instagram with Pinterest? Let’s see.

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1. Add your Instagram to your Pinterest bio

Adding your Instagram to your Pinterest bio is an excellent way to grow your Instagram with Pinterest. It is a method of copyright ownership of your content on Instagram and a free brand recognition opportunity.

If a user on Pinterest shares your content from Instagram as a Pin, your Pinterest profile and follow button will appear next to it. It helps the public get in touch with you. It also prevents the possibility of abuse by fake entrepreneurs.

If a user clicks on the Pin shared from Instagram, it will be redirected to your Instagram. It also gives more click-through rates on Pinterest. It’s like a symbiotic process.

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2. Publish to Instagram, Market to Pinterest

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest |  7 best practices!

Since Instagram is much bigger than Pinterest, we are introducing our products on Instagram. But his fame there is short-lived. That’s why we turn those posts into Pinterest Pins and Markets on Pinterest. How do we turn Instagram posts into Pins? Here’s How To Grow Instagram With Pinterest By Creating Post Pins,

  1. copy the ‘post URL’ of the message from Instagram.
  2. Create a ‘pin board’ on Pinterest And add this link.

Ever wondered why we sell Instagram posts on Pinterest? It is because after a day, the public exposure to Instagram posts gets low. But Pinterest will have never-ending exposure to pins if we plan and plan it better.

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3. Optimize your pins in boards

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest |  7 best practices!

Marketing Instagram posts on Pinterest are not enough. You have to market it the right way. Create pins in boards with the same themes. A key to growing Instagram with Pinterest through Pinterest boards is using trending keywords and topics.

4. Practice SEO on Pinterest

We always mention that Pinterest is a ‘mini-Google’ in search engine optimization. Pinterest can categorize content by visual performance. Pinterest will put them under fashion-related searches if a Pin has fashion elements.

Pinterest notes the keywords you use in the description and title. The more the keyword, the better the exposure. Add trending hashtags to your Pin description to leverage this exposure.

5. Increase User Generated Content

When a follower of yours pins content related to your business, their followers will see it too. The cycle continues and follows with more exposure. But you can’t insist that someone do this – how are we going to make it? Use hashtag campaigns!

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6. Work with Popular Influencers

Influencers on Pinterest are the accounts that know how to create good boards. If you’re partnering with influencers, tell them to take over your boards or create new boards with your Pins from Instagram. The only thing to note is that you should choose an influencer that fits your niche and brand.

7. Pin when the audience is most active

Pinterest Analytics helps you better understand your audience. So look for higher engagement with your account the next time you post.

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest | Why Instagram is better than Pinterest for Business

Here’s a list to convince you that Instagram is much better for managing your business than Pinterest. Pinterest should be considered a robust marketing tool for your business on Instagram, that’s all.

Let’s see how to grow Instagram with Pinterest and why Instagram is more suitable for starting a business,

1. Easy Account Setup

You can easily change your default Instagram profile to a business account without any verifications or IDs to convince.

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2. Schedule Messages

On Instagram, we can schedule posts directly for days, which saves a lot of time on daily scheduling and posting. But auto-publishing to Instagram is only available for business profiles.

3. Instagram Insights

How to grow Instagram with Pinterest |  7 best practices!

Instagram Insights is the perfect tool to track the performance of your content and your overall account. By analyzing this, we can plan accordingly and drive more traffic.

4. Share Stories Links

Somehow, more people are viewing Instagram Stories, even if they haven’t interacted with posts on Instagram. When you post a link to your story, most of the audience clicks out of curiosity. Only business profiles have the authority to share links on Instagram stories.

5. Instagram Ads

Instagram recently introduced Instagram ads, which allow creators to increase their reach by promoting content in ads. Because the Instagram algorithms have changed so much over the years, it’s impossible to get engagement without hard work and ads.

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6. Instagram Shopable Posts

You can add up to 5 products to an image with a store link to your company website. No other social media platform has the shortest way to shop directly from posts.

Set up an Instagram Business account

After you know everything, you feel like switching your business to Instagram. Here is a detailed video on how to set up an Instagram business account.

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Shut down

You don’t need an expensive office structure to run your business in this age. Social media platforms are now your warehouses for success. Don’t sleep on Pinterest’s power to grow business on Instagram. This article is about how to grow Instagram with Pinterest. Optimize your Instagram marketing strategy with Pinterest.

We also discussed why Instagram is better for businesses compared to Pinterest and how to set up an Instagram business account. Share this article with friends. If you think we missed something, let us know. Until then, goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Pinterest Grow Your Instagram?

Yes. Pin your posts from Instagram to Pinterest and showcase your business. Pinterest Pins raise awareness for the business.

2. How do I boost my Instagram on Pinterest?

Claim Instagram on Pinterest, create Pins with Instagram posts, practice SEO, and use Pinterest analytics and Instagram insights.

3. How do you get Instagram followers?

Be consistent with posting, post original content, don’t use fake follower applications, switch to business accounts and create content according to Instagram insights.

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