How To Remove Someone From Snapchat Group In 2022?

Every social media app offers its users many ways to stay in touch with people they like. Similarly, Snapchat also has a feature to text friends directly, individually or through groups. What if that gets annoying? Sometimes you don’t like a certain person in a group. Obviously you want to delete them. So let me tell you How to remove someone from Snapchat group?

You will also be given an option to start an individual chat with the group member by selecting their name. Apart from these great features, it also has a problem. Snapchat doesn’t really have any regulated rules when it comes to group chats. While the number of people that can be added is limited to 32, access to edit the group and add members rests with anyone who is part of the group.

Now let me go straight to the question, How to remove someone from the Snapchat group? Read below!

How to remove someone from Snapchat group?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct, built-in way Snapchat allows you to remove people from the group at will. Very bizarre, isn’t it? Sometimes, even after so many updates and revisions, many developers miss these simple important ways that make the interface much easier. But as you know, the internet has a way for everything, and the human mind is a genius at finding loopholes.

Let me share with you some tips that will help you to Remove someone from the Snapchat group.

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How to remove someone from Snapchat group?

Here are some workarounds that can help you to remove someone from Snapchat.

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1. Submit a simple request.

Obviously the best way is to politely ask someone to leave. You can think of reasons to give to the person. Tell them that they make someone uncomfortable or that they are rude, or that someone in the group doesn’t like them. But I have to tell you that this doesn’t always work. It is not necessary for the person to agree and leave quietly.

2. Create a new group chat.

If the polite way doesn’t work, you should try to be a little conscientious and intelligent. Create a new Snapchat group and add all the people back except those you don’t want, and advise everyone else in the group not to add them again. Some people really make you feel uncomfortable, or they irritate you to the point of exhaustion. So do what you think is best.

3. The traditional block option.

You can easily block the person by going to their profile, clicking on the three dots and selecting ‘Delete friend’ from the pop-up list. This will remove the person from your friends list and allow them to contact you, either through the group or individually.

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4. Make the group disappear.

You, with other people in the group, can make the group disappear automatically. This happens when no new snaps are added to the group and the group expires within 24 hours. But this is a lengthy process and you will have to wait a while.

5. Try to leave the group completely.

If you’re very uncomfortable having the person around and you just don’t want to create too much of a scene, then you can just leave the group. To leave the group, you can follow the next steps.

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. To search the group you want to leave. Tap on to open it.
  3. In the top left corner, select the three horizontal lines.
  4. Tap on Leave group.
  5. Tap on To confirm in the pop-up menu. You’re done!
How To Remove Someone From Snapchat Group

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Shut down

Since Snapchat comes with some extraordinary unique features to keep the users engaged. I hope it comes with a built-in option to remove someone from the Snapchat group. But I hope the solution I mentioned in the article helps you. Mental health above all guys!

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