How to run a successful social media marketing campaign –

Social media is a fantastic space for marketing. It’s a place where billions of consumers are actively looking for content, including brands, companies and products to spend their money on. Still, setting up a social media marketing campaign to capture some of this huge market isn’t easy — and you can lose money if you set up these campaigns incorrectly. This article will show you how to create an effective social media marketing campaign that will deliver high ROI to your business.


All campaigns require a number of objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess how successful your campaign is. Most of your goals will have to do with output: how many people you managed to target, how many of them visited your website, and how many made a purchase. However, you should also take into account:

  • How do you attract the most valuable consumers to your brand?
  • Is there a market you have yet to enter but want to target now?
  • Do you want your brand to appear exclusive or inclusive?

These questions will also help you set up your campaign, who you want to target, and the types of ad content you share with the world.

Create content

It is difficult to create high quality content to promote your business and your products or services. Therefore, many companies just turn to a professional designer or a team of designers to help them get their content perfect. If you have a little more time and a little less money in your marketing war chest, it is certainly possible to go it alone. You use free online design apps to create the content you want to share.

Once you’ve got your content lined up, it’s time to upload it to social media and start thinking about who to target your ad to. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer audience segmentation based on interests and what those platforms know about a user’s life. These are worth tinkering with as you run your campaign, getting closer and closer to finding your ideal, typical customer.


Your job isn’t necessarily over after your ad goes live and targets groups of people you believe are most valuable to your business. You actually still need to manage how your campaign runs, including creating different versions of the same ad, to understand how to modify follow-up campaigns to be more effective.

You can do all this hands-off management with an Instagram business manager, which is designed to help busy business leaders spend as little time as possible sharpening their marketing strategies. Managers like these can help your business achieve the goals you set out for your social media marketing campaign. Over time, you’ll learn which audience segments and content types are most effective for investing in for your next campaign.

These tips are crucial for anyone new to social media marketing looking for a simple campaign for their business.

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