How to save Pinterest videos to camera roll?

Pinterest is the best platform to get new ideas and inspiration. You get to see new ideas and videos every moment. And that’s why you want to keep them with you forever so that you can go back to them at any time. That’s why I’ve put together an updated article on: How to save Pinterest videos to camera roll for you. This will help you keep those videos on your mobile or desktop.

Pinterest does not have the feature to save videos directly from the app. That is possible for the videos, but not for the photos. Therefore, you have to go through a guided process that will help you download and save the videos and keep them with you.

Read through the rest of the article below and you’ll get the best process for saving your Pinterest videos.

How to save Pinterest videos to camera roll

How to save Pinterest videos to camera roll |  You are only 6 steps away

You have to follow a step-by-step process when you want to save Pinterest videos to the camera roll. It may take some time, but your work will be done and you can do it yourself. You can follow the process on your iOS devices or on your desktop.

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1. Install the PinGrab app

Install pingrab app - How to save Pinterest videos to camera roll

Open the App store and install the PinGrab app. Go to the app and click get started. Then click Next. You will be given options to subscribe to the app. Click the “X” icon.

On the home page of the app you will find a red button. This button helps to save your Pinterest videos to the camera roll.

2. Find video on Pinterest

In your Pinterest app, go to the feed or profile page. You will get the video you want to download. Once you have identified the video, open it and click on it.

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3. Click the Share icon

click the share icon - save Pinterest videos to camera roll

After opening the video, click the share icon. A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen. Multiple options will appear; click on the copy link option to copy the video link.

4. Paste the link

paste the link - Save Pinterest videos to camera roll

After copying the link, open the PinGrab app. Open the red pin circle button. You will get a pop-up on your screen.

Click Paste and paste the link. Then click continue, and the video will open on a new page. Then click the save button and the video will be saved to the camera roll.

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5. Paste Pinterest video link from PC

When you want to save the Pinterest video from PC to camera roll, click the blank field. Select ‘Scan URL’. the mobile camera opens and brings the mobile phone closer to the interesting link on the desktop. Then click on insert and you’re done. Select continue and the link will be added to the Pingrab app. The video will appear on a new page with a save option and click on it. Click on general and add it to the app.

6. Save video to camera roll

save to camera roll - save Pinterest videos to camera roll

Watch the videos in the camera roll. Click the icon with the three dots. A pop-up will appear; click share. You will be redirected to another popup.

Click photos and save your Pinterest video to your camera roll. The Pingrab app will ask for your permission, click ok and your video is saved.

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The process may seem a bit long, but it will definitely help you reach your goal. Hope you liked the article on how to save Pinterest videos to camera roll. Let me know your feedback in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. For more information about Pinterest, subscribe to our Path of EX website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to save Pinterest videos to camera roll for Android?

Yes, you can save Pinterest videos to your camera roll.

Do I need a separate app to download videos from Pinterest?

Yes, you would get apps to download Pinterest videos from your mobile’s App Store or Play Store.

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