How to See Who Liked You in the Gas App

Gas App is the latest trending app on the web. This app is specially made for school age children. The app was also featured in the Wall Street Journal with the free social app in the app store. So, because people know less about it, they are looking for How to see who liked you in the Gas app. So if this is also in your search list, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We’ve got you covered.

Below I have designed an article that would help you provide and understand the Gas app in detail. I am sure you will be excited to know the details and use the app. So read on and get to know them now. Also, share your feedback in the comments below.

How to see who liked you in the Gas app?

How to see who liked you in the Gas app?

Gas app is mainly for students who are in school. So to use the app you first need to register the name of your school with your GPS on. The unique thing about this app is that only positive vibes are taken into account. It means you can hold polls with specific questions in the app. Moreover, you would get interesting answers to those questions.

So on those questions, you can just ask if someone at your school is interested in you or not? You should get the answer in no time. This way you can see who liked you in the Gas app.

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What’s God Mode on Gas App?

What is God Mode on the Gas App?

God Mode is the premium feature of the Gas app. The name fits well with the premium feature of the app. This feature allows you to check who liked you in the Gas app. You can even check who answered your poll question in the Gas app.

God Mode costs $9.99 and when you buy it you can see who voted for it. While the Gas app is only meant to bring positivity, this God Mode feature sneaks up behind the game.

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How to see who liked you in the Gas app?

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Gas app is very new in the list and most of the people are not aware of this app. But I must say it is quite interesting and school kids would love to use the app. I’m sure you and your kid would like this app too. To know more about this app, please refer to our Path of EX website for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to see who liked you in the Gas app?

To see who likes you in the Gas app, you can hold polls and questions in the app and learn the answers.

What is God Mode in the Gas App?

The God Mode in the Gas app is the premium feature of the app that you can use up to $9.99. Through this function you will find out who voted for you in the app.

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