How to Unblock YouTube | Watch blocked videos on YouTube

Having trouble accessing YouTube? Wondering why I can’t see that particular video on YouTube? It could be due to the geo-restrictions, or your superintendents have slowed down your connection usage. At least I have solutions. Scroll down to learn more about how to unblock youtube.

YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009. The government is afraid of the transparency that YouTube offers worldwide. So they decided to ban YouTube because it could become a platform for spreading the ideas of democracy in China. In 2010, Google had to leave the country because China packaged all its services under censorship. Not only YouTube, but also TikTok is banned in China.

YouTube is a popular place to upload, share, like and comment on content worldwide for free. So if you can’t access YouTube in the morning, I know how frustrating it can be. Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube blocking and how to unblock YouTube videos.

How to Unblock YouTube?

How to Unblock YouTube

Using a VPN or proxy are the best methods to unblock YouTube. It is also recommended to use Smart DNS and download videos before entering a restricted area.

YouTube will not purposefully block you on the platform unless you are suspended or banned for the violence of the directive. Usually there are three reasons behind a blocked YouTube.

1. The video you are looking for may be blocked in your country.

2. The application itself is blocked in your area.

3. Bad network connection.

Since we know that these are the obstacles in the path, we try some alternative ways to solve them.

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How to Use Proxy to Unblock YouTube?

proxy services;  how to unblock youtube

The short answer to unblocking YouTube is: Use a proxy – it usually handles every blocking problem on the internet. Proxy is a server application that fakes your identity. It ensures customer safety and does not encrypt any activity. So you can fake your country or region with a proxy and access YouTube. The only downside I’ve felt about Proxy so far is that it can slow down your network connection a bit.

How to use VPN to unblock YouTube?

how VPN works;  how to unblock youtube

A user’s existence is engraved as IP addresses on the internet. When you mask this, you can easily break the barrier of land restrictions. You know where I’m going – VPN is the best tool to mask your IP addresses. You can easily get around the geo-restrictions by using a VPN.

I was hoping you could do your research, but my favorite VPNs are Atlas VPN, NordVPN, and Expressvpn.

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Check your network connection to unblock YouTube

check network connection;  How to Unblock YouTube

If you’re used to automatically reconnecting to your Wi-Fi, you’re probably the one who never checks the network connection. It can sometimes be your network problem. Check your mobile data and reconnect to the Wi-Fi router to unblock YouTube. It’s a shame that YouTube has shut down YouTube Go, otherwise you could have downloaded YouTube Go to access YouTube videos on low networks.

Why is YouTube blocked?

video not available on YouTube;  How to Unblock YouTube Videos

Here are two scenarios when we talk about blocked YouTube- Either the application is completely blocked, or specific channels and videos are blocked. The block usually depends on the internet policy of your region. China, North Korea and Iran have banned policies on various internet activities.

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Sometimes your education providers or employer purposely block specific sites or videos on official computers or ask their Wi-Fi team to slow down the network to maximize productivity.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos?

In addition to these mandatory blocks, individual videos on YouTube may be blocked if they have copyright issues or other YouTube policy violations. Here are some hacks you can try when you want to unblock YouTube videos.

How to Disable Restricted Mode on YouTube

As the ‘Restriction Mode’ active in your YouTube settings, you may experience a block from YouTube for adult content. Restriction mode filters out potentially mature videos. Here’s how to turn it off

1. Open “YouTube.”

2. Click on the ‘Profile icon’ in the upper right corner.

profile icon;  how to unblock youtube

3. Select ‘Settings.’

settings;  how to unblock youtube

4. Tap “General.”

General section in settings;  how to unblock youtube

5. Scroll down and turn off “Restricted Mode.”

restriction mode on YouTube;  how to unblock youtube

That is it. Now try again to unblock YouTube videos.

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How to Unblock YouTube with Smart DNS?

Smart DNS helps you enjoy various entertainment sources. You must manually change your Internet address or use a third-party application to help you with this.

smart DNS;  how to unblock youtube

How do you use Tor to unblock YouTube videos?

Tor is a web browser that respects user anonymity. You can search for blocked content using Tor. Unlike some paid VPNs, here you can’t choose the country of your choice to fake the origin. While connecting, the browser may slow down your connection, but it’s worth it.

Tor browser;  How to Unblock YouTube

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How to download YouTube videos?

If you are traveling to a country where YouTube has geo-restrictions, I recommend that you download your favorite videos on YouTube. here’s how to do it,

1. Open “YouTube.”

2. Click on the ‘Video’ you want to download.

3. Below the description area you will find the: ‘Download icon.’

download youtube videos;  How to Unblock YouTube

4. Select your ‘Download quality

5. You can save your settings for 30 days if you wish.

6. Click ‘To download’

download YouTube videos;  How to Unblock YouTube

Pre-downloading your YouTube videos will save you a lot of trouble in unblocking YouTube.

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How to Unblock YouTube – Live Guide

If you are still confused about how to unblock YouTube, here is a YouTube video to help you. Path Of Ex does not endorse any products or services promoted in the video and DYOR.

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Experiencing a YouTube block isn’t the worst if you know ways to trick it. I have discussed everything about how to unblock YouTube and YouTube videos. Now you know my favorite VPN choices and why YouTube is blocked. Share it with friends if you find this informative. Hover over Path Of EX for more such content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Any VPN Change Your Country on YouTube?

New. Most VPN services only offer this in their paid version, and some are not real, as they tend to leak your real IP addresses to the server.

2. Which countries have banned YouTube?

Many countries such as China, Iran, South Sudan and North Korea have banned YouTube in their region.

3. Is YouTube Unblocking Illegal?

It’s not technically illegal because you’re just bypassing the path, but it could be illegal based on YouTube in your country or geo-restricted YouTube videos.

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