How To Use Mastodon Social: A Beginner’s Guide

Mastodon Social has been inundated with new signups since the second quarter of 2022. If you’ve heard about it and want to know how to use Mastodon Social, give me a few minutes. I’ll let you know all about it, and I’ll walk you through the easiest guide to using Mastodon Social.

Mastodon is open-source, free software that allows users to set up their social networking sites. It offers Twitter-like microblogging services provided by a significant number of independently maintained Mastodon nodes — sometimes referred to as instances — that each have their own guidelines for behavior, terms of service, privacy settings, and censorship policies. The platform is getting popular because of certain things and some changes that are happening at Twitter HQ.

Let’s see how to use Mastodon Social and more details about this currently trending social media.

How to use Mastodon Social?

How to use Mastodon Social

It is easy for you to learn how to use Mastodon Social if you have used Twitter before or recently. At first glance, Mastodon appears to be a duplicate of Twitter. The social media microblogging platform shares several features with Twitter. The ability to name other users, the ability to publish information that can only be accessed by followers, and the ability to publish content that is available to everyone make it a Twitter replica of sorts. It also enables the sharing of polls, movies and other types of multimedia data.

There are plenty of free and paid third-party Mastodon apps available in the market, each of which offers a range of features that meet the needs of all users. If you don’t want to download an app, you can open Mastodon from a computer or even through your smartphone device’s web browser. In addition, anyone with the resources and technical know-how can launch their personal server and develop a community that offers more flexibility than Twitter.

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Mastodon Social recently launched its app on April 13, 2022 for the Andriod platform. However, the app was first launched on the App Store on July 30, 2021. While the app isn’t doing very well on Google Play, it has improved itself to number 20 in the App Store’s Social Networking category.

Follow these steps to use the platform. Here’s how to use Mastodon Social.

1. Select your mode

Launch the Mastodon app on your smartphone on the computer. The app is currently compatible as follows:

Serial Number Device name Required
1 iPhone iOS 14.0 or later
2 iPad iOS 14.0 or later
3 iPod touch iOS 14.0 or later
4 android Android 6.0 and above
5 mac macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.
6 Windows Windows 7 and above

You can launch any third-party apps. To see the list of the best third-party apps for Mastodon Social, click here and navigate to the Browse third-party apps section. If you don’t want to download an app, browse the site from your device’s web browser. While you can use any browser, it works smoothly in Google Chrome and Safari.

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2. Create an account

Create an account for yourself. click on Sign Up or Create account (depending on your device) and select a Server that fits your niche and mode. There are many servers that will put you in line on their waiting list. However, there are also many ready-made servers.

How to use Mastodon Social

You need an email address and nothing more. Enter your email ID, fill in the blanks according to the details you want to display yourself and create a password.

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3. Start your journey

Once you are done creating an account, you will find everything familiar. It works like most social media platforms.

How to use Mastodon Social

As I told you before, it’s easy to learn how to use Mastodon Social; you will see things for yourself. It allows you to upload your photos, videos and messages. You can make friends, chat with them, name and tag them, and more. Whatever you do on Facebook, Instagram and especially Twitter, you can experience that on Mastodon Social.

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Brief history about Mastodon Social and more

Since you’ve learned how to use Mastodon Social and are ready to create your account, it’s helpful to know some points about the platform.

On the independent news channel Hacker News, Eugen Rochko first revealed the creation of Mastodon in October 2016. A creature with a trunk that resembles a mastodon or a mammoth serves as the Mastodon mascot; it is occasionally shown using a smartphone or a tablet. Toots are the messages that are posted using the program.

How to use Mastodon Social

Mastodon was created with an emphasis on security and privacy. Choose whether your followers, the people mentioned in your posts, or the whole world will see your uploaded posts and other content. If you’re not ready to respond to a post yet, you can hide it using the content alert feature. To keep its members safe, each group sets its own rules and moderators, and effective blocking and reporting mechanisms help prevent abuse.

Even if you have an active profile on other social networking sites, you should try Mastodon Social. Create a profile by signing up for a community. Discover interesting people to follow and read their articles in a chronological, ad-free timeline. 500 character messages allow you to express yourself with unique emojis, images, GIFs, videos and audio. To share great content, comment on discussions and reblog everyone’s articles. Look for new profiles to follow and popular hashtags to grow your network.

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Some Attractive Features of the Mastodon Social Official App

Mastodon Social uses many well-known features that you can see on other social networking platforms. However, it boasts of the following features in its interviews and advertisements. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Read messages in true black, dark or dimly lit mode with the dark mode of the Mastodon Social app

2. The platform has a cute elephant as its mascot, who appears every now and then.

3. You can tap to access popular hashtags and accounts and discover what’s going on around you.

4. Use polls to collect feedback from followers and track the results. This feature works the same way as the Gas app.

5. Direct posting to Mastodon is possible from any app’s share sheet.

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Shut down

That’s all about using Mastodon Social. As of now, the third-party apps are smoother and more useful than the official app. Just launch Mastodon Social and search for third-party apps. They all work the same way in most cases. However, I prefer Tusky, iMast, Cuckoo+ and Hyperspace for Android, iOS, Web and Desktop respectively.

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