How to Watch Instagram Live

Instagram is one of the most loved photo sharing platforms. More than a billion people use the platform every day. Instagram has also introduced new features to its platform and users have both enjoyed and criticized it. But there is one feature that all IG users love. It is the function of watching live videos on Instagram. Below we have discussed it in detail: how to watch instagram live.

You can also watch your Instagram Live videos through your TV and desktop. Therefore, here we have introduced some solutions for you to watch your favorite live videos on Instagram. It feels great to watch your favorite Instagram live streaming even after it’s over. You can experience the same even if the video is not live streamed. So read and follow our article for more information.

How to Watch Instagram Live in 2022?

How to Watch Instagram Live |  Watch IG videos 3 different ways

You can also watch Instagram Live if you miss your favorite influencer’s video. But don’t be discouraged. You would be happy to know that Instagram is included in their profile where you can watch live videos later. It is useful for people who can watch their videos later.

So if you want to watch Instagram live, open Instagram. Click the play button and watch the video with comments and likes. When someone goes live, they can share their live video in their story for up to 24 hours.

You can rewatch someone’s Instagram Live on their IGTV feed. When someone saves their live video and adds it to the IGTV feed, you can watch it again later. In the story you will find no comments and likes on the Live video.

On Instagram you will find an option where you can save the story and pin it in bio. You can even pin their Instagram Live Video to their highlights. When a user shares their Live Video on Instagram and adds it to highlights, it becomes visible.

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How to Watch Instagram Live on Desktop?

How to Watch Instagram Live |  Watch IG videos 3 different ways

To watch Instagram live on your desktop, you need to open a web browser and visit Instagram’s official website. And you can easily watch the video live on Instagram on popular browsers and all operating systems. Therefore, please refer to the steps below.

1. Open a web browser and launch,

2. Log in to your account.

3. Check the influencer you follow; if it’s live streaming, the profile picture will have a LIVE icon.

4. Click on the profile picture with the LIVE and watch the video.

4. While watching the live video, you can watch the live broadcasts and click to a. to add remark.

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How do you find live videos on Instagram via mobile?

You need to use the steps below when you want to watch the live video on your phone. It is effortless to follow and watch. These are the steps below.

1. Start Instagram on your phone and log in to your account.

2. In the Stories, the profile picture has a LIVE icon with the influencer.

How to Watch Instagram Live |  Watch IG videos 3 different ways

3. Click on live streaming and choose the video you want to watch.

4. Click on the profile picture to view the Live.

5. To post a comment, click the Remark section and write.

How to watch IG Live TV?

How to Watch Instagram Live |  Watch IG videos 3 different ways

If you want to watch an Instagram Live stream on a big screen, you can cast the device or screen mirror with the TV. Then cast your Instagram Live videos to the TV via Chromecast on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can also cast Instagram Live to Roku or use Airplay on Mac and iOS with the Apple TV.

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How do you start a live video on Instagram?

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to start a live video on Instagram.

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Click on the profile picture.

3. Swipe right anywhere in the feed to reveal the camera icon.

4. Click LIVE or swipe right to go for a live video stream.

How to Watch Instagram Live |  Watch IG videos 3 different ways

5. Tap the gear icon on the Live screen to complete the live broadcast settings.

6. Return to the Live screen after the settings are complete.

7. Click go live to start Instagram Live.

8. When the broadcast is finished, click End.

9. You can save the video to camera roll or share it on IGTV.

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We have discussed in detail how to watch Instagram live in the article. Ending the article, I can say that you can use any of the steps mentioned above to watch the Instagram live stream on your mobile, desktop and TV. For similar guides, check out our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch the Instagram livestream?

Yes, you can watch the Instagram live stream on your mobile desktop and TV.

How do you start a live video on Instagram?

To start a live video on Instagram, you need to follow a few steps on your Instagram account and start live streaming.

How to watch IG live?

If you want to watch IG live, you can use Windows, Android or Mac from your Apple TV and Roku.

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