Howie Mandel Prolapses Hole On Twitter Pic Scares People

Twitter exploded last weekend. While new TikTok users expressed regret for their participation, others were alarmed. All the commotion was then followed on Twitter. The app was all about Howie Mandel’s sagging Twitter. While you may be wondering what’s so bad about it? It was just another message. You may want to read on to learn why Howie Mandel has a prolapsed hole on Twitter post scaring people.

Howie Mandel surprised TikTok last weekend. No, it wasn’t the kind of surprise anyone would want. While many TikTok users were making reaction videos about the post, others were too shocked. The post has been removed from TikTok, along with every video mentioning it. But that didn’t stop netizens from talking about it. It was necessary to take the matter to the Twitter forum.

People all over the internet are still having nightmares because of Howie Mandel’s post. Let’s see what Howie Mandel’s sag Twitter post was all about.

What Used to be Howie Mandel Prolapses Hole On Twitter Pic About ?

Howie Mandel posted a video to TikTok last weekend. The message was captioned: “Does anyone know if this is COVID related? And if so, what are we doing about it?” The post had nothing to do with COVID, FYI.The video was of an anal prolapse, which explains why everyone who watched it was traumatized.

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TikTok quickly took notice of all the reports as the video was immediately removed. But the people on the internet are even faster, right? People took it to Twitter to vent about the horrific sighting they just had. Most TikTok users who just signed up regretted their decision to join on that fateful day.

Shut down

So now you know which hole of Howie Mandel on Twitter went into a frenzy on the internet. While most of them expressed how distressing it was to watch the video, some were too stunned to even speak. The video will give everyone nightmares for the next few days. Until we get back with updates on trending stuff, keep checking in with Path Of EX.

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