I want to kill my mother TikTok

I just love TikTok’s platform. Do you know why? Because the platform is the best place where you can learn new trends, enjoy new trends and even create your own. Almost all songs on the platform are popular and appreciated by millions of people around the world. The recent one is I want to kill my mother.

Users are in love with the song and share their rendition of the song on the platform. Such creativity is unique and people just add their own. The number of likes on these videos has passed the million. So what are you waiting for?? Read the article and learn about the latest trend on TikTok RN!

Everything about I want to kill my mother TikTok

I want to kill my mother TikTok

I wanna kill my mum is a song by Woo Wop from YouTube’s the DuB Family in September 2022. In the song he got emotional and sang: ‘I wanna kill my mom. I want to kill my father. I want to kill my grandmother.” Later, the song was uploaded to YouTube and the clip created a buzz on TikTok. It became a notable sound in skits along with other humorous content.

TikToker ongodiswearfr reposted the DuB Family YouTube clip on the new platform on September 21. Over the next two days, the video received approximately 10.9 million views and 2.1 million likes.

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Why ‘I Wanna Kill My Mum’ TikTok Video Is Going Viral

The song quickly became popular due to its sound on the platform. On September 22, 2022, TikToker nuggwrld used the sound to joke about the student “Straight A” who got a B on a test, about 1.3 million plays and 263,700 likes in one day.

On September 21, 2022, the DuB Family responded to the already popular I wanna kill my mom song on TikTok. He posted a TikTok video showing Woo Wop and his father shaking their heads at the song. The video gained about 4.2 million views and 786,500 likes in less than a day.

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Shut down

Now I hope you are clear about the song I want to kill my mother. So don’t worry now; people groove to the melodies of the song rather than the words. So now you have to listen to the song on TikTok and share with you how you like it. I’m sure you’d tap on the tunes of this song too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is I want to kill my mother TikTok?

This is a song that has been trending on TikTok for a while now. Plus, other users just add their version of the song to it.

Who made the song I wanna kill my mom?

Woo Wop from YouTube’s DuB Family created the song.

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