Instagram faces backlash over latest updates, so is Instagram over?

Instagram is facing backlash for its ever-changing feed. After the Instagram account @Illumitati posted a message saying: “Make Instagram Instagram again“. The post has approximately 2 million likes and 35,000+ comments supporting the post at the time of writing. It gets tedious to keep learning about the new features Instagram continues to use. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram facing backlash and why Instagram is over.

Instagram has an active user base of about 2 billion people. But if it wants to keep this user base, Instagram will have to make some serious changes to its feed and interface. While many people have accepted these changes and tweaks here and there, not everyone has been a fan. And judging by the backlash it’s receiving right now, most people on Instagram aren’t in favor of these changes even now.

People wouldn’t have been so mad at Instagram if it weren’t for the constant changes. Let’s take a look at the real reason why Instagram is facing a backlash that could actually lead to the app’s end.

Why is Instagram facing backlash?

Instagram faces backlash over latest updates, so is Instagram over?

Instagram could soon lose most of its followers. Many users are expressing their own disappointment at Instagram moving away from the site’s original photo-sharing motto and becoming more like TikTok. With the app making constant changes like IGTV and then Reels, using Instagram now is exhausting.

The backlash was amplified by Instagram’s new feature, which is a full-screen interface under test. Many users saw this new update as a rip-off of TikTok. Instagram loses touch with the essence that made Instagram fun and exciting. The app is increasingly becoming a battleground between makers, small and large.

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri was quick to explain the reason behind the changes and what the future of Instagram looks like. In a video he posted on the app, he clearly mentions that Instagram will have more videos. While it will continue to support photos, everyone will have to accept this change.

That said, Instagram will care about the people who use the app and their recommendation feed. Long answer, yes. Short answer, no. Mosseri explained why Instagram would continue to publish videos it thinks should be watched more. And not the one you or I like. This will ultimately lead to growth in sales, revenue and market for creators. This is how Instagram survives. Brand collaborations with creators not only lead to sales in the app, but also in the real world.

Instagram must continue to do its best to ensure that it maintains its user base. But there are a number of celebrities who have already made plans to leave the app for good amid Instagram facing backlash.

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Celebrities Who Have Threatened to Quit Instagram

Instagram facing backlash

Instagram got serious about taking notes about the people upset about the constant changes when the Kardashian-Jenner powerhouse shared @Illumitati’s post on their accounts. Looking back on apps and their values ​​declining over time, Kylie Jenner had the stock value of Snapchat plummet. Kylie just had to mention that she no longer uses Snapchat. That was all it took.

Is Instagram really over then? Well, we can only wait. Now that the Kardashians and Jenners have a problem with the app, many have agreed that they’ve had enough, too. Will Instagram face the same reality as Snapchat to eventually become a side app?

Let’s see what Twitter has to add to this popular topic on Instagram that is facing backlash.

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What does Twitter say about Instagram’s response?

Instagram facing backlash

It just isn’t possible for there to be a hot topic and Twitter just remains the calm and friendly place it is. While Instagram users cast their vote on Instagram, many took it to Twitter. Here’s What People Had To Say About Instagram Dies On Twitter-

Another user simply told Mosseri the truth,

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Shut down

So now you know why Instagram is facing backlash. But the question now remains, will Instagram respond to this user’s dissatisfaction or will it continue to deafen as before? With even the Kardashians and Jenners unimpressed with the updates, the app gives a better thought to rolling out constant changes. We will keep you informed of the latest updates. Keep checking in with Path of EX.

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