Instagram keeps crashing in 2022

Does Instagram keep crashing for you today? Well, you are not the only one facing this problem. Millions of Instagram users have had this problem. There is currently no solution for this. Instagram has been down for a lot of people since last night. It wasn’t until Twitter and other social sites started buzzing when users complained that Instagram kept shutting down for them. Let me answer your question about why Instagram keeps crashing.

Instagram is a really great app that helps you grow your audience. It allows you to communicate with your friends. You can post your life updates in the form of photos and videos. Instagram’s reel feature makes it impossible to watch just one reel and put the phone down. But with all these features, Instagram has its own issues from time to time.

Since last night, many users have been complaining about Instagram crashing on their phones. Users were confused because the app was blocking users again and again. Let’s see why Instagram keeps crashing.

Why does Instagram keep crashing?

Instagram keeps crashing

Instagram started crashing late last night. After Instagram users were repeatedly blocked from using the app, people took to Twitter and other social apps to confirm they weren’t alone. Users have reported that Instagram continues to shut down. This issue is reported more often by Android users than iPhone users.

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Instagram has made no official statement as to why the app keeps crashing. Or how to solve this problem. Everyone’s savior when apps glitch is the Down Detector. Down Detector’s official site has confirmed that Instagram is offline. This is an issue that Instagram needs to fix. So we will have to wait for Team Instagram to fix this.

Instagram keeps crashing

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Shut down

So if Instagram keeps crashing for you, you’re not alone. Millions of users have reported that the app has this glitch on their side as well. The problem can only be solved by Instagram. The problem will surely be solved in a while. Until that happens, we can only wait. We’ll get back to you with more technical and social media updates, keep visiting Path Of EX.

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