Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? Rapper would be brain dead after being shot

We live in strange times. The internet is getting crazier by the day. Every day a new rumor pops up and spreads like wildfire. The most recent of these rumors is about the rapper Lil Tjay. If you’re here after hearing that Lil Tjay is paralyzed, you know what I’m talking about. Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? Is Lil Tjay brain dead? You must have a lot of questions, let’s find out the whole story here.

Every day a new rumor is spread and the next day it is forgotten. Yesterday, the internet went crazy after a Twitter user announced that TikTok sensation Lao Gone Brazy is dead. Today we have a slew of other rumors of rapper Lil Tjay being paralyzed by a UFO sighting in San Diego.

What is the truth and what is the lie? Let’s see if Lil Tjay is really paralyzed or just a rumor.

Is Lil Tjay paralyzed?

It doesn’t take much to spread a rumor. The same thing happened when a Twitter user ilove69andtjay claimed that the rapper Lil Tjay is paralyzed for the rest of his life. The Twitter user also claimed that Lil Tjay was shot 7 times: five in the chest and two in the spine. ilove69andtjay also stated that the rapper had only a 15% chance of surviving the attack.

One thing to note is that the Twitter user was not a representative of Lil Tjay. So until someone from Lil Tjay’s family or friends confirms the rumor, it cannot be considered the truth. Some people on the internet also claimed that Lil Tjay was dead after the shooting incident. However, none of the official reports confirm these rumors.

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What happened to Lil Tjay?

Is Lil Tjay paralyzed?

Rapper Lil Tjay was shot and killed near a New Jersey mall on June 22. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to hospital. The rapper was reported to be in critical condition when he underwent surgery. He is now reportedly in a stable condition.

According to an official tweet, the shooter has been arrested. The tweet also states that the shooter has been charged with weapons possession, attempted murder and armed robbery.

In addition to the gunman, the rapper’s two friends, Valdez and Boyd, have also been arrested for possession of illegal weapons.

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Shut down

It’s time to wrap up! Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? At the moment there is no evidence to prove that Lil Tjay is paralyzed. The user who claimed this is not related to the rapper, so we cannot blindly trust his words.

We’ll update you on the rumor if and when we get more news. Until then, keep visiting Path of EX!

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