Kids Next Door: not your usual neighbours..!!

From Dixie D’Amelio and Charli to Eloise Foudalgar and Abby Rao, during the COVID-19 pandemic, so many incredible creators emerged, bringing various concepts from classic dance videos to funny jokes or all male members to mysterious hidden identities. Kids Next Door is another content collab house that is making its way to the top of the Tiktok houses. It consists of eight influencers who try to change the typical stereotypes of collab house.

Gone are the artists who used to move to the isolated, gloomy downtown lofts in search of inspiration for their art; now these young artists prefer to surround themselves with all the luxurious comforts and move to a chic mansion with even higher facilities. This is how time changes..!! But today’s culture requires those material beauties to give that extra sparkle. And then all the social media stars find their way to these extravagant houses for their content creation.

You have probably heard of the Kids Next Door, no..!! It is not a movie like boy next door or girl next door, but a TikTok content house with the next wave of TikTok influencers. If you’ve done that, you should be curious about their transition, and if you somehow don’t, you’ll want to see what you missed. No problem, at the end of this article both problems have been solved… So let’s get started…

What is Kids Next Door??

Kids Next Door (KND) is a collective group of 9 teenage influencers who already have a huge fan base with millions of followers on social media platforms. The credit for forming this group goes to Marcus Olin, the 21-year-old who moved to LA from Oregon and launched Kids Next Door, a content house, in May. They shared a home with eight other influencers, including his girlfriend Stephanie Margarucci, and created a buzz with their multiple posts and creative content.

Kids next door
Kids next door

The main purpose of staying together isn’t to party, but living there means committing to making several posts every day, using props, location, and all other facilities to their advantage.

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Kids Next Door Mansion..!! Where is the Kids Next Door located??

Since they and their mansion have been featured quite a bit in the news and in discussions, you’re bound to be curious about all the details-

Based in Los Angeles, California, these members try to live up to their name by respecting their neighborhood and by showing that content can be created even without causing chaos and building the so-called college atmosphere.

The residence is a million dollar mansion with a spacious backyard, photogenic amenities, a luxurious pool and extensive outdoor space on a quiet street.

The concept of collab houses makes it easy for newcomers to Los Angeles: they have a nice place to live in, a built-in group of friends and, of course, constant access to employees. Additionally, if a brand or management company sponsors the house, the tenants may only need to produce a few TikToks and a YouTube video per week as a form of rent-in-kind, and they’re good to go.

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We know that the pandemic has provoked many such homes to provide makers with a safe place to collaborate; As a result, many creative groups have announced their formations, such as KND, who made their appearance on May 16, 2020 with a group Instagram account and settled in a modern, spacious mansion.

Who are the members of The Kids Next Door?

Marcus Olin, who has 8.5 million followers, shared that he always wanted to have a collab house and saw this time as a perfect opportunity, becoming one of the founders of KND. He bought together with 7 other Gen Z influencers, including his girlfriend, to make this new collab house a success. It’s one of many TikTok homes in the United States where house members live, eat, sleep and, most importantly, brainstorm unique ideas for their videos. This also brings them into contact with brands that can generate money for the makers.

Kids Next Door: not your usual neighbours..!!
Influencers TikTok handles
Stephanie Margarucci @beasteater
Marcus Olin @marcusolin
Jesse Underhill @jesseunderhill
Hailey Ona @real.ona
Brandon Westernberg @beyondbrandon
Jack Riyun @jackriyn
Claire Hesser @clairehesser
Alex King @akv

1. Stephanie Margarucci

Stephanie, also known as BeastEater, is a choreographer who rose to fame on TikTok. She is Argentinian and 22 years old, known for dating Marcus Olin, founder of KND.

TikTok: @beasteater
9.5 million followers

Well, if Adventurous and Wild was a person, it sure would look like her..!!!

2. Marcus Olin

Marcus, the founder of Kids Next Door, is a 21-year-old influencer. He lived with Danielle Cohn before becoming famous on TikTok and is now in a relationship with Stephanie Margarucci, another KND member.

Marcus and Stephanie launched a Youtube series together called ‘Marcus and Steph’.

TikTok: @marcusolin
9.4 million followers

I have never seen such a perfect couple.. mannnn..!! She looks like Bonnie to his Clyde. Even choosing 1 photo was difficult after seeing their photos.. Go check it out.

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3. Jesse Underhill

Jesse is a 21-year-old influencer from Oregon, where he lived with a large family, including 3 brothers and 1 sister. There are still rumors that he has been evicted, but no official announcement or confirmation has been made.

TikTok: @jesseunderhill
5.8 million followers

Well, he’s single.. in case you’re wondering..!!

4. Hailey Orona

Hailey, who goes only by the name Ona, is a 17-year-old influencer with nearly 10 million followers. She is known for her dance and lip sync videos. The California native is currently in a relationship with another KND member Brandon Westenberg.

TikTok: @real.ona
9.4 million followers

5. Brandon Westenberg

Also known as Beyond Brandon, Brendon is also from California and loves soccer. He is 19 years old who was previously associated with Jordyn Jones and is currently dating Hailey Ona. He has 2 younger brothers who aspire to be social media stars.

TikTok: @beyondbrandon
1.7 million followers

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6. Jack Riyn

Jack, a 17-year-old boy from Arizona, has been involved in social media platforms since he was 14. Within just 3 years, he managed to successfully build a fan base of millions on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

TikTok: @jackriyn
2.9 million followers

7. Claire Hesser

Claire, a former Miss Young Philippines USA Tourism 2019, started her TikTok journey just before joining KND. She is 18 and currently in a relationship with KND member Alex King.

TikTok: @clairehesser

8. Alex King

Alex, the self-proclaimed YouTube marketer, completes the Kids Next Door crew. He is dating Claire and is known for making TikTok videos with her.

TikTok: @akv

PS: These youngsters find their Soulmates in their teens, while you sit here to find a soul..!! Well, I think this world is really unfair…

Transition at Kids Next Door

Age is just a number, Marcus Olin proved when this 21-year-old launched a content house ‘Kids Next Door’. The house got its name from the power couple known for their matching neon colored hair.

It was a luxurious house full of teenagers whose occupations involved making videos, having fun and partying at any time of the day, even unsupervised. Of course it would be crazy..!! And it certainly was with all its kind of student parties. At first, people nearby were disturbed by their lifestyle and started complaining about their frat-like behavior.

Olin admits-

The neighbors were definitely not happy at first,’ ‘But we try to be as quiet as possible.

Seeing the fuzz they were creating, the group quickly changed their ways. Marcus and other members realized that partying shouldn’t be the goal, and if they have to maintain their home, they must be disciplined.

Kids Next Door LA
Kids Next Door LA

Living with your friends at age 21 sounds intriguing and fun, but Marcus showed that it doesn’t mean all play and no work. He successfully created the house of contents and led it to victorious heights. The public admired them and enjoyed their extensive content.

Kids Next Door Handles

TikTok- @kidsnextdoorla

Instagram- @kidsnextdoorla (it has now been removed..)

TikTok in danger – TikTok influencers say ‘everyone is going to get a big blow

With all the love and fame of the public, there was a surprising blow from the government. Following an order by US President Donald Trump banning all social media apps if their Chinese parent ByteDance doesn’t reach a deal to divest it within a certain period of time

Adam Miguest said-“Maybe everyone will take a big hit for two to five months. Everyone is going to lose a stream of income. I think it’s really stupid… what Trump is doing,”

If TikTok goes down, so will the career paths of all TikTok creators. While few have a backup plan or ideas, others have no suggestion on where to look and what to do..!! They fear that this will have a major impact on their livelihood and lifestyle. Due to TikTok’s huge impact on generation, any change will be seen as well.

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Orona said.

“If it gets banned, of course I have a backup plan, which is to move to the YouTube platform or use the roles on Instagram,”

Another industry that would be deeply affected is the music industry. In today’s time, many songs find their way to the top after going viral through TikTok videos. Their value would be seriously affected if all use and promotion were to stop suddenly.

Shut down

Kids next door are not your usual neighbors; they are a bunch of 8 content creators and influencers who are known for their voluminous content. Their founder Olin proved that age is just a number when at the age of 21 he launched a content house – ‘Kids Next Door’ and showed with their lifestyle that a collab house doesn’t mean all play and no work.

The house initially became popular due to the power couple known for their matching neon hair – Stephanie Margarucci and Marcus Olin. The members of the KND House live in a million dollar mansion with a spacious backyard, photogenic amenities, a luxurious pool and extensive outdoor space..!! Sounds luxurious.

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