Know the Latest TikTok Now Features and How to Use Them (2022)

TikTok is already a widely used platform with millions of users worldwide. Recently they introduced their new TikTok Now Features. This feature helps you to take live photos and videos at random times of the day and upload them to the app. You will be given three minutes to share a static photo or a 10-second video on the platform.

To help you use the TikTok now features, I’ve designed a step-by-step guide. This will help you to use the function smoothly. So read our latest article and learn about its features now.

What are the? TikTok Now Features and How to Use Them?

Know the Latest TikTok Now Features and How to Use Them (2022)

TikTok Now is the latest addition to the app. You can use the feature in the TikTok mobile app and in the TikTok Now app. You must allow the TikTok app to send regular notifications about TikTok to you on your mobile. Therefore, please refer to the steps below.

1. Launch TikTok on your mobile.

2. Click Friends in the TikTok navigation bar.

3. New users will see an introduction to the feature.

4. Click on the push notification at the top of the screen and create your first TikTok Now.

5. Press and hold the capture button on the screen and take a photo or video.

Know the Latest TikTok Now Features and How to Use Them (2022)

6. Click the check mark at the bottom of the screen.

7. To retake your photo or video, click a retake.

8. To change who can see your TikTok now post, click “Everyone can view” above the checkmark.

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How do you use TikTok Now features?

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The TikTok feature is the latest addition to the app and has shocked many users. The app is relatively easy to use; you just need to upload your unfiltered photo or video and wait to see the magic. Hope you liked the article and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TikTok Now feature?

The TikTok Now features are the latest feature that every user likes to use. Here you have to take pictures or videos and upload them at random times of the day.

Can all TikTok users use TikTok Now?

Currently, the TikTok Now feature is not available to all TikTok users worldwide. But gradually everyone will soon be able to use it.

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