List of Midjourney Commands | Know the whole list now

To use Midjourney, you have to use the Imagine commands followed by the keywords. This is just one of the commands; apart from this you have used other commands to get what you imagined. Do not worry; we have the list of Midjourney commands that would help you while using the AI.

The commands are the language of the Midjourney bot. They are extremely helpful in image generation, to get the size and quality of the image correct. I know you must be excited to know about the latest commands. Let’s walk you through the full list of commands.

List of Midjourney Commands

List of Midjourney Commands |  Know the whole list now

You will find a list of Midjourney commands used in Discord. Go through the list below to find one you may have used before.

1. /imagine (for eg /imagine cookies).

2. /help (info about the bot).

3. /info (info about profile).

4. /subscribe (subscribe to the bot).

5. /fast (jobs are billed more).

6. /relax (jobs take time to generate).

7. /show (to revive the job).

8. /private (tasks are private).

9. /public (job openings are public).

parameters: remember

List of Midjourney Commands |  Know the whole list now

The input you add to the end of the input command is the parameters. Here are some of the examples below.

1. beta – is an experimental algorithm.

2. HD – is an older algorithm for higher resolutions.

3. aspect of ar generates images with aspect ratio.

4. w – sets the width of the image.

5. h – sets the height of the image.

6. seed – set the seed.

7. Same seed – affects all images in the same way.

8. no – no plants.

9. iw image prompt weight.

10. stylize -how strong you want the graphic style to be.

11. q – means image quality.

12. chaos – randomness of the image.

13. Fast – Faster images, less consistency, less expensive.

14. stop – stop generating images.

15. video – saves a running video.

16. v <1 of 2> – an old algorithm for the latest improvement.

17. uplight – use the “light” upscale.

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Stylize Assignments

List of Midjourney Commands |  Know the whole list now

Stylizing values ​​helps to make the generation artistic.

1. –s 625 is less artistic.

2. –s 1250 is nice but less strict.

3. –s 2500 is the default value.

4. –s 20000, the stylization takes over.

5. –s 60000 for maximum styling.

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Quality jobs

List of Midjourney Commands |  Know the whole list now

Changes the time and quality of image generation.

1. q 0.25 4 times faster, cheaper, raw results.

2. q 0.5 2 times faster, less detailed, cheaper and less detailed.

3. q 1 is the default value.

4. q2 2 times slower, detailed and expensive.

5. q5 is experimental.

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Shut down

The Midjourney Commands list will help you give the AI ​​a better command and perform better. You can use them to get art that has more clarity and depth. So consult them when necessary. Visit our Path of EX website for more information about Midjourney.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the list of the Midjourney commands?

The list of Midjourney commands will help you control the AI ​​and get a better picture with clarity and good quality.

Do I need the list of commands while using Midjourney?

If you are using Midjourney then you should use the command list as it will help you get exactly what you imagined.

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