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Mastodon, your decentralized social media platform, has been in the limelight ever since Elon Musk’s controversial Twitter drama began. And Number of Mastodon users has since increased at an insane rate. After the changes that Elon Musk proposed to bring to Twitter, the most important of which is Twitter’s paid verified Blue Tick, many users started migrating from Twitter to Mastodon. And this drama turned out to be a win-win situation for Mastodon. So in this article I will tell you about the Mastodon User Count, which changes every second of a minute, just like the weather forecast.

Mastodon is a microblogging site like Twitter. It has huge potential to become the internet’s new town square, which is what Twitter claims to be. And after the mass migration, not only by regular users but also by verified account users, it is no longer something not to acknowledge. Exit calls from famous personalities like Stephen Fry, Richard Armitage, Great Thunberg, etc., from Twitter caused a lot of loss. But one person’s loss always turns out to be in another’s favor, and that other is none other than Mastodon. This exodus caused an overnight increase in the number of users on Mastodon, and the number is still growing at a very good pace.

So, guys, without further ado let’s jump to the article and look at the latest Mastodon user count. Then let’s start.

Number of Mastodon users

Number of Mastodon users

There is a bot on Mastodon that updates the number of Mastodon users on Mastodon every hour. And if you go by the data of this bot account, it’s there 9,119,299 accounts on Mastodon according to the latest update, which was updated 30 minutes ago. And there is a difference of 410 in the user count when you compare the data from the last hour to the current count. There is a difference of 10,058 in the number compared to the previous day. And there is a difference of 95,844 in the number of users compared to last week’s number of users.

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Number of Mastodon users: table

Here is the Mastodon User Count stats from the Mastodon User Bot account in tabular form for a quick look.

Current Mastodon user count 9,119,299
Increase in the past hour +410
Increase in the last day +10,058
Increase in the past week +95,844

Shut down

With that, I came to the end of this blog, and I hope you now know about the present Number of Mastodon users and find this article informative. This increase in the number of users is of course a reason for the disappearance of Twitter, although Musk himself rarely acknowledges this. For more questions related to Mastodon, feel free to always comment in the comments section below.

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