Messi breaks Instagram record and becomes the most liked Instagram post of 2022

And finally, the day has come in Instagram history when the record of the most liked post, held by the egg on Instagram, belongs to someone else. And he is none other than the Greatest of all time… Do you have a hunch? Yes! Messi breaks Instagram record of most liked post on Instagram. Another milestone! After winning the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi rules Instagram with his most liked Instagram post of all time.

This is the result of his FIFA World Cup victory post, which received a total of 57.95 million likes (Oh my God!) at the time of writing this article. And with that, he left behind the Egg post, which ruled Instagram for 3 years and now has 56.39 million likes. Yes! It’s true. And with this, Messi breaks the Instagram record and became the most liked post on Instagram.

Messi breaks Instagram record: post with the most likes on Instagram

Check out this post from Twitter and try to understand just how big this achievement is. The most liked post, the most commented post and the most followed account are milestones that are never easy to break. Because every day some post or other creates buzz on social media and sets records. But since The Egg broke the record for Kylie Jenner’s most liked Instagram post, no other Instagram handle could break it. But these are the things of the past, and that is the reality of today Messi’s World Cup post is the most liked Instagram post of all time.

Messi breaks Instagram record and becomes one of the most followed accounts

Not only did Messi break the record for most liked post on Instagram, but his account also surpassed Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account to be the top 3 most followed accounts on Instagram. And if I tell you about the most followed individual account, then this title is held by Christiano Ronaldo and Messi rules the list as the second most followed person on Instagram, pushing Kylie Jenner to the 3rd position when we talk about the most followed individual account. Besides, it is the official Instagram account that holds the record of being the most followed account on Instagram.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if I announce to you soon that Messi’s post has finally taken its place in the list of the top 10 most commented posts on Instagram. At the moment, Messi’s World Cup post has 1.6 million comments, and if this post reaches 200,000 comments, it will rank among the top 10 most commented posts.

This may seem like a huge number, but if football fans decide to pour their love to Messi and commit to getting his name on the list, it can be done easily!

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