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Midjourney has become extremely popular with social media platforms lately. The most incredible thing about Midjourney is that it is an AI that generates art from your imagination. You just have to enter the command of the desired image and in no time the image will be in front of you. So if you want to use it, read more about the Midjourney subscription and prices through our article below.

The AI ​​used in Midjourney is the latest, where you get an art that is accurate to the command you’ve given. You can even use commands like realistic or detailed adjectives to make the AI ​​work better.

So let’s move on to the article and learn more about Midjourney and how to use it.

Midjourney subscription and prices

Midjourney subscription and prices

You can only use Midjourney for free for the first 25 prompts and for questions such as variations and upscale. You can join the bot from the Midjourney Discord server. After you’ve used 25 prompts, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to continue using the AI. A variation or an upscale is also considered one prompt.

When you use 25 prompts, you will get a message to buy the subscription. After that you can go to your discord account and buy the subscription for Midjourney. The basic membership costs USD 10 per month. You can use 200 images per month and access the member gallery. After the limit is exceeded, you get incremental billing. And finally, you also get the general trading conditions.

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Subscriptions and prices

Subscriptions and prices

You get a standard membership of 30 USD per month. With this subscription you get unlimited personal use and general commercial conditions and you get access to the members gallery.

To buy the Midjourney subscription, enter the subscribe command on the channel with the bot. You would get a link; visit it. Next, you need to log into your Discord account and select a subscription. Then pay with your credit or debit card.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but it will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. You can even change your subscriptions at any time and they will take effect immediately. Only business plans cannot be downgraded.

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Shut down

Midjourney introduces many new subscriptions that allow you to change or cancel them at any time. Therefore, you get a lot of facilities while using the bot. Visit our Path of EX website for more information about Midjourney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Midjourney subscription and price?

Yes, you can change your Midjourney subscription immediately.

I canceled my Midjourney subscription but it is not effective. Why?

When you cancel your Midjourney subscription, it will take effect from the next billing cycle, not immediately.

What is the minimum subscription for Midjourney?

The minimum subscription for Midjourney is $20 per month.

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