Music content cannot be played on PiP

Apple products are really great with their features and functions all over the world. Many other steamy companies are partnering with Apple Company to leverage the customer base and increase their presence in the market. in this regard, YouTube has finally started offering the Picture in Picture feature on iPhones and iPads. Nevertheless, even as a Premium customer, you may receive a message that: Music content cannot be played on PiP

You may wonder what PiP (Picture in Picture) does on iPhones and iPads. Let me tell you; that the PiP feature allows YouTube iPhone and iPad users to minimize their screens while scrolling through other apps on the device. However, the complaints about music content not working properly are increasing daily. The company has stated on its Twitter handle that the issue has not yet been properly resolved, despite working on it.

Therefore, keep scrolling through the article in detail to learn more about music content that cannot be played on PiP and find the solution only here.

Music content cannot be played on PiP | What to do with the annoying messages

Music content cannot be played on PiP

Customers don’t have problems using the functionality until a day after it’s been restored, as they get a notification that says, “Music content cannot be played in PiP.”

Even premium users face the above problem. Since I am a high roller subscriber, why am I still getting the message “Music content cannot be played in PIP?” wrote one disgruntled customer. “PiP still doesn’t work for me (even as a Premium subscriber),” commented another person.

Another user tweeted: “@TeamYouTube, your app thinks I’m trying to use PiP and play music when I’m not on premium and simply opened Control Center on my iPad.”

Someone commented: “@TeamYouTube Even if I pay for YouTube, PIP for iPhone version still doesn’t work. Rode? Previously it worked smoothly; what has changed so quickly?

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How to set up the PiP function on iPhone

Music content cannot be played on PiP

To browse PiP on iPhone, complete the following tasks:

1. Start the YouTube application and choose the Preferences choice.
To leaf through PiP on iPhoneperform the following tasks:

2. Activate Photo in photochoose it below General

3. Simply choose: Out to turn function off

4. All you need to do to use PiP is to start a YouTube video and then keep the application active by sliding up from the bottom of the window.

5. You can use the window across the screen while using other programs as it is movable.

How to fix an error such as music content cannot be played on PiP | All possible solutions

Music content cannot be played on PiP

People can use the “Music content cannot be played in PiP” problem, but a permanent repair is necessary as it renders the functionality completely useless.

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Unfortunately, YouTube help still failed to recognize this issue. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on the situation and let you know if anything important happens.

Shut down

I understand that when you get a message like Music content cannot be played on PiP, it is not acceptable, especially if you are a paying customer. However, technological errors can occur with any app or gadget, and humans are helpless in that situation until they find a solution.

I have provided all the facts and possibilities that you have as a premium customer regarding how to solve music content that won’t play on Pip. This is an excellent feature that YouTube offers on iOS devices. Nevertheless, the importance of these PiP functions is gradually diminishing due to the outage.

Therefore, YouTube as a parent company must solve this problem (music content cannot be played on Pip) as soon as possible and bring back the smiles of customers.

If there is any other question related to the PiP feature, please write me back in the comments section below.

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