New collaboration with H&M for Christmas outfits (2022)

Snapchat has now also made AR integration in the app fun for users. You can try out the Snap AR Try-on lenses in the app. This way you can see the outfits for yourself. You can use the Snapchat lens in your H&M app on your device. Browse this article to know how to use the AR trial lens.

Snapchat is known for its filters. You can now get the Christmas filters. This is the special holiday collection available in the app. You can now browse all the festive filters available in the app. Another AR-based feature growing in the app is Snapchat Voice-powered AR experience. You can now use your voice to find and see the best gifts to get for your friends and family.

Snapchat rolled out the H&M AR Try-on lens during its December update. Let’s see what Snap AR Try-on lenses are.

What are Snap AR trial lenses?

Snap AR Trial Lenses

Snap AR Try-on Lenses is a collaboration with H&M and the London-based Institute of Digital Fashion (iODF). You can use this lens on Snapchat to try on H&M Fashion. This new lens uses Snap’s lens. As Snapchat adds more augmented reality experiences to their users, this is a great partnership.

You can try on H&M’s three outfits in the new Snap AR Try-on Lenses. You can see how these outfits will look on you with the AR lenses on Snapchat. So now you know what Snap AR Try-on lenses are. Let me tell you how to use these AR Try-on lenses.

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How do you use Snap AR trial lenses?

You can now use the new AR Try-on lenses on your phone. You can try on H&M outfits with these lenses. You can see what you look like. Here’s a simple guide to using Snap AR Try-on lenses.

1. Go to snapchat on your phone.

2. Tap the Smiley next to the camera icon.

3. Once you see the filter option, swipe up to go to Explore page.

4. On the explore page, type H&M in the search bar.

Snap AR Trial Lenses

5. You see the H&M Lens. Tap it to try the lens.

Snap AR Trial Lenses

In this way. you can use Snap AR Try-on lenses made in collaboration with H&M.

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So now you know what Snap AR Try-on lenses are. I’ve mentioned how to use the Snap AR Try-on lenses on your device. You can now try three outfits from H&M. Keep visiting Path of EX for more trending stuff.

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